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  1. Ironic you would say “once you commit.” I played all night to 3am on one machine. Hit the royal. My husband asked me why I was out so late last night. I said, I was committed. lol

  2. Some decent wins there. Some good stiff is coming though! You are inspirational! Keep grinding! 😎

  3. went after work last nite to play . Started with 1000 bankroll, playing 1 dollar denomination. I caught a couple 4 oak’s on double bonus, kicked it up to double double where i caught a progressive 4444A for 1252. I then went to Triple Triple and after dropping 140, I was dealt AA. Icaught the other AA with a 2 for a 4000 score. after playing it off, i changed machines where I got 3333 dealt with no kicker—for 400. minutes later on the same machine, i got 22, catch 22A for another 4000. Great nite in Curacao to say the least

    1. @Joel Troughton Thanks Joel, the casino here closes at 3:30, I couldnt run out of there fast enough—thanks again—

    2. Damn $9500 in wins in a night, that’s what’s up! Don’t give it back lol

  4. Man U were up over 3k and lost it in 5min playing $50 denom and went back to $5 denom 🤔 then back to $1denom to get ur free play wtf and your worried about gas omg I don’t understand smh

  5. Lost over 5k in like a hour Man U have to quick bro u have a problem or your gonna lose everything I mean everything not just money bro think about it

  6. When are you going to talk about how much a set of tires for that Tesla is gonna set you back? I hear good ones are $500 a pop and might last 40,000 miles .

  7. Trip before last played one machine bonus poker it was a grind but ended up hitting the royal.Learned by watching andrew and John.

  8. Wouldn’t u just want to keep just the one Ace rather then the Ace and Jack. Better chance to get 4 Aces. I’ve kept just the one Ace and have hit 4 of a kind. Just seems like a better hold on Jack’s or better. It looked like you would of got the 4th Ace on your hand without the Jack. Like the videos!

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