High Limit Bonus Poker Video Poker Challenge!

Wish to discover the correct method? Attempt

Bonus Poker Challenge!

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  1. I jump around on games a lot, but don’t overlook jacks or better if you can find 9/6. You’d be surprised how much you can win if you get on a flush/full house run with that game. Thanks for the video.

  2. I usually play double double but today I tried duces wild within 5 minutes I was dealt 4 Aces with a kicker. I was devastated to the point that I played for a few more minutes and decided to leave.

  3. I noticed the same thing. Was playing triple double the machine I was playing was paying good. Then they moved the machines and it been crappy ever since.

  4. I feel a royal flush coming your way soon. That was so under EV bonus poker session that the bounce back is coming royal style.

  5. you called out the miss on the Kings you didn’t hold but how about the incorrect hold at 4:48 the correct hold is 8JQ of hearts.

    1. Great catch!! I watched this video many times and I didn’t catch that, maybe because it’s a few hands from the king not holding and the missed 55 as well. That may be my worst 20 hands I’ve ever played lol. Thanks !

  6. Andrew you hardly ever miss! Keep up the great play . I enjoy watching you!

  7. Are there 9/6 payout video poker configurations in Vegas? Going Feb 19-23rd.

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