Freeplay to Ultra High Limit: Part 2. High limit video poker VLOG 187

All things :
For Patreon and Channel Members this part two of my session # 40 of the year and you can see my 21 different statistics I track from the session on the file you have access to.

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  1. I prefer 8/5 bp now. Unless i’m really due for some quads, that’s my go to game now. The pay table is perfectly balanced.

    1. Bonus poker is my game as well it’s just a grind sometimes,my tip is you just need to play long sessions to do well.

  2. if you dont mind please video all , instead waiting for a winning hand 🙂

  3. Retired professional gambler….Learned over the many years…”Enough is never enough ” Ain’t never going to “beat” a computerized vid poker machine…Remember….Recreational and entertainment 😉

    1. @Jill Phillips Research-Reseach-Research…..Bot inexpensive solid growth stocks many years ago…..Costco…Home Depot and Microsoft (split 7 times since purchased) My Investing far different than my gambling…Had fun with both…..

    2. The only realistic post. You can’t win all the time. Palyers usually advertise their wins but never talk about losses.

  4. Thanks for taking us along Andrew! Another fun video where you take all the risk and we just get to enjoy. I know that Royal is coming!!! ☘️

  5. Andrew do you usually play 30 hands don’t hit go to another game in trying to learn to money manage when it comes to playing what’s your strategy losing how many hands you give a game before switching if you don’t hit

  6. 👍Fun ride. I like to play $2 BP when I have the lettuce to play it…low volatility, no W2G’s except for the royal, and can play a heck of a lot longer than say DDB or TDB, and a 125 quad doesn’t feel as painful when $250 comes back to yah.

  7. At 6:09 you are dealt 3 3s, and then literally 3 hands later you say “I still haven’t got a 3 of a kind draw yet”. LOL. And at 6:57 you say “this is my first 3 of a kind draw”. I’m so confused. Another good video though! Thank you!

  8. at 5:32 to be honest the correct hold was just the one King, but then that wouldn’t have been as much fun. LOL

  9. Another great video! Did you see someone hit for $400,000 at Circa? Triple double, $500 per hand. I get a bit nervous just thinking about $500 a hand… lol.

  10. At 3:32 I would have forced the machine to shuffle the cards. To change the outcome a bit..

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