DREAM DAY 1 WSOP $10,000 MAIN EVENT! Huge Stack!

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Video Modifying BY Ramsey Boeckholt.

If you wan na email me: briandepauloo@gmail.com.

DREAM DAY 1 $10,000 MAIN EVENT! Huge Stack!

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    1. @Cam C 1st off kid that was sarcasm and 2nd I believe in something so sure I do

    2. @Bertrand Smith What about you Bertrand Smith do you believe in God and his son Jesus Christ? And if you don’t then what is your answer to the question that I posted above?

    3. @EZ DoesIt What higher power do you believe in? That’s kinda the same thing. God IS a higher power.

    4. @707 SaV Not sure what makes you think I’m a kid. Son, I’m old enough to be your father😆. And what is it that you believe in then? How do you think we all got here? Where do you think we’re all going when we leave this world? Don’t you ever wonder about this things? I know I have for most my life.

    5. @Cam C I’m not knocking you for believing in anything or always wondering when we die were do we go? Do we have another chance? I do. We all do but don’t let that get in the way of living in the present. Stay blessed my dude and FYI I’m 41 and look in my 20s still.

  1. Hanging out with Adam22, the ending isn’t a troll. That dude will get you into some Allister Crowley type Magick. Good thing you always have Joey the mush as your source of light and goodness.

  2. ACR should have put you in a super high roller. Those tournaments need characters like you to break up the button clicking robots who frequent them.

    1. Would be smart biz on their part. And parkour! The degen would the best, mix it up and have fun.

      Pure talent!

  3. Cheering for you in every main event for years to come dude, I mean this 100% sincerely you deserve it more than anyone to run deep. We all need to see what outfit you’re choosing for the ESPN FT

    1. @jjiiijj He was already out of the tournament when I posted this (I follow him on instagram, sorry for spoilers) so I was actually referring to future main events 🙂

  4. I am a 52 year old, watched tons of poker vlogs. Hands down the best video with no video of table. Chops to you for edit and spunk

    1. I’m 55, how strong is this kid?

      Brilliant, so much like I was. I been watching him since he started videos here.

  5. Could be a Jamie Gold or Chris Moneymaker run of cards.
    This start is crazy good.

    The past 2 days (17 hours) of playing, I’ve had at least 25 pairs and only one of them flopped a set and even that would have lost to two other flopped sets but I folded to two all in bets of 88 and QQ.

  6. Great job, Ryan! You gotten some major big wins with a big stack. Good luck on Day 2!

  7. Hands down the most fun vlogger to watch. Your enthusiasm is contagious Ryan.

  8. I can’t believe you told us you made day 3! I like the suspense, or the idea that you binked it off by the end of the video. Either way, it’s good content.

  9. For the algorithm.
    Been watching since Episode 4 or so. You have progressed so much as a degenerate and brought much shame/joy to our shared love of gambling. And assholery.
    Thanks for the great vlogs. They’re always enjoyable. I’d rate them a 10/36.

  10. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again , been a fan since 1.4k Subs get this man a TV show , from Empire City to the WSOP main event bracelet champ final table here we come

  11. That dedication at the end was so heart felt. Kudos to you for being vulnerable like that on the internet, takes courage king.

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