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  1. Welcome back!! This was Slotmassacre at his best! Epic win, fun times, regardless of denom! Thanks for posting your kick-@$$ vid! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  2. That was awesome! I needed to see the basics of building a bankroll. Continued good luck!

  3. Youโ€™re an incredible VP player, great videos. Thanks Andrew, was great to meet you guys at Resorts World last year.

  4. What a run! Sessions like that are the best. Ive turned a $20 bill into a couple grand before but to start w only $5 and do it is nuts lol

  5. This was a BLAST to watch! Didn’t expect to see “little nickel” play from you but it was so much fun. Thanks for posting it!

  6. I realize it was a lot less money, but this rivals John’s free play run up to $100k. Just never stopped paying. Fun to watch.

  7. Andrew, just came back from 4 days at circa. Stayed there based on some of your previious vlogs. Played a lot of joker poker there for 1st time this trip. Best hit was a wild royal. Its a little loud there but its a great spot and they treated me very well. Got the stretch limo ride back to the airport. That was a nice ride, Circa is a class act. Keep up the winning Vlogs! 2023, year of the slotmassacare.

  8. Now that was a fun session to watch. Wouldn’t be fun to go to the casino with $5 and come home with over $2400 every time. Thanks for sharing Andrew, did that count as your #15 win session in a row?

  9. AWESOME NIGHT!! ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ˜Ž Don’t you just love when the cards roll out your way for once!!! I had a night like that in January!! I felt like Midas, everything I played I won at!! Finished the night with $10,300 I hit 2 royals for $4000 each and 2 keno pots for $2500 left with over 10k CONGRATULATIONS on your string of wins!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  10. Nice run Andrew! I seem to gravitate to Joker Poker quite a bit, also Double Joker even though my favorites are DDBP and Super Double. Most of my wins and videos seem to be Joker poker. Keep the streak going!

  11. I had an amazing time sitting next to you. Was awesome to watch! Wish you more sessions like this!

  12. Greetings from a cold and rainy Torrance! We actually had a lightening strike within a few hundred yards from my house. Its going to take me all day to find where my cat is hiding. Out of all of your sessions, this has got to be the most satisfying. Turning 5 bucks into 1000’s is a GREAT DAY! Congratulations!

  13. Way to go Andrew! This session reminds me of why I really like 3-play VP. So many chances for quads and royals. My favorite is 3-play DDP with $2 coin-in ($30 p/bet).

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