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  1. Keep on winning, Andrew! I know hitting and running isn’t as relaxing and enjoyable as staying and playing, but I think it can prove to be more profitable. We all have a tendency to stay and play it all back. I like your discipline.

  2. entertaining, good action, interesting/descriptive and orating was excellent too….enjoyed

  3. Never have hit a RF on free play but was dealt one for 4G’s last week!!! Fun grind and win content Andrew keep it up!

  4. What an interesting adventure driving in the wee hours. Reminds me of the days I drove all over Las Vegas for my free play.

  5. Awesome video! New sub here…does just playing free play for a session at the casino hurt your future comp/free play offers?

    1. Yea you wont see any of these videos by mid summer, Unless he wants to drive all night long for $20-$30 pickups.

    2. Dusty I’ve been doing this for years, I literally have dozens of videos showing this since 2020 and I was doing it for years before that.

    3. @corey novak Just once it won’t do anything. There is a rotation to how its done. Some people know, and most don’t and that’s okay by me.

    4. @Slotmassacre I really don’t believe the casinos allow that. They track all your play and if they see you just pilfering free play they put the hammer down. Unless you found an exploit in the algorithm, which by the way you seem to come on top for a long time now seems likely…

  6. I liked it a lot. If you are a pro you need to take advantage when you can to sustain yourself. Great insight.

  7. Farming free play and leaving just feels sooo empty when I do it. Hang in there and good luck Andrew.

  8. Dude, no Jack’s?? I’m bummed for you! Jumbo jacks rock! Congrats on the wins too. Speaking of royals, I was dealt one Sunday night playing Deuces! I wasn’t on free play though. Always love these vlogs! Til next time…keep up the grinding 😎

  9. That’s great you won on their money Andrew! Resorts Atlantic City gives me $120 a day every day in May, but I’m afraid to take it without putting my own money because they like to black flag you and lock you out of your account after a few trips. Any concerns of that, or do you go back and play to keep your offers coming?

    1. Love Resorts in the early morning. Play around 8am. Your choice of machines. Quiet, empty, relaxing.

    2. @Kirby Keefauver Yeah, I tried that last week, but machines were a little cold! I did hit a couple straight flushes on $1 denom Joker Poker that I should have walked with.

    3. I’ve heard of this happening but I have never had it happen to me. The worst I have had happen was picking up daily freeplay at a place that amounted to $4,100 for the month and I was cut down to like $10 for the month on the third month. Every place is different and for what you are worried about I would probably sit down at a busy table, get checked in make a $5 bet and go to the bathroom, come back slowly and maybe make one more bet and leave. This looks like your at least putting down some action but you’re theo risking only a few dimes each time. Yes you have to play occasionally, some places once per month and some places every 3 months or so.

    4. @Slotmassacre Interesting, thanks for the info Andrew, Never thought about getting rated on a table game. I’m going to head over there today, See where the progressive links are at. Have a great day my friend.

  10. Hit and run. Oh yeah! Good self-control. Enjoy listening to your commentary while you play. Your insights are valuable to your viewers.

  11. For what it’s worth, I really prefer these kinds of videos that have you engaging and talking. I struggle with the 20 minute straight play videos. Good luck. We’re pulling for you Andrew.

    1. Thank you. I am trying to make a good combo of the two types of videos coming out, because the opinions vary so widely.

  12. Great vlog. Grinding it out on their dime paid off. It was nice to meet you & group @ the El Cortez.

    1. Hey, yeah that was cool. You guys were very nice and if your ever in town again it would be nice to play a bit.

  13. Question Andrew from Ohio way….dont you have to at least back up your FP amount with cash that you put in to continue to get FP? As in using the casino’s “theoretics” formula to figure your next time FP? Just curious, cause if you just pick up FP from the past and don’t play to earn more, I would think your FP amount would go way down!??? Thanks! Still enjoy watching!!

  14. nice to see you, I like that you are vlogging your poker profession

  15. I love the grind!! Just wondering though. Will the free play start going down eventually if your not hammering it sometimes? I’m thinking you know that and hit the machines hard once a month or so. I’m so interested in this whole deal your doing!!! I make $200 a day and I’m doing good, so if you make $300 or $400 a day that should be good with you having a family. I’m single. Can you say what you want to make weekly? Or day?

    1. It doesn’t have to be once per month. For example, I have had many companies give me the same freeplay for 6 months at a time after hitting them hard just once. This isn’t every place but that’s part of putting the work in is finding the places that give a lot and hitting their sweet spot and then putting them into the rotation. Also, the days that you do hit them make sure its on a day they have something else going on so its less of a negative EV situation. There is a lot to it. Generally my goal is $400/day.

  16. We are staying at the Golden Gate in June for my twins birthday Just for the stadium swim.
    Normally stay at the nugget because their pool is pretty good as well

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