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  1. I thought it ended for a quick minute… 🙄.. enjoy your glory!!!

  2. *Day 4 Session 1*
    Cash Inserted $1,280.00
    Credits in play 2
    Money in play $0.50

    *Total net cash loss $1,279.50*

    Spins 15,701
    Money Played $7,850.50

    Expected payback percentage 91.00%
    *Actual payback percentage 83.70%*

    Actual loss $1,279.50
    Expected loss $706.55

    *Used to build jackpot $572.96*

    Actual Jackpot $1,500.00
    Fraction of Jackpot built 38.20%

    Expected Spins Required 41,105
    *Expected Spins Remaining 25,404*

    Spins per minute 8
    *Expected hours remaining 52.93*

    NOTE: Every “large win” will take the jackpot longer to win.

    PREDICTION: This last session had an unusually low payout ratio.
    While it looks too early to trigger the jackpot, a large win (500+ credits) would be expected soon in order to raise the actual payback percentage to 91%. If so, the expected spins remaining will increase (likely to over 100,000)

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