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  1. Hard to take the winning and leave I enjoy playing and the chase for the big hands to much.

    1. Yo! I hit 4 aces with a deuce two days in a row playing DW 🤦‍♂️

  2. I do not care what anybody says. It’s harder to win in the winter in the casino.

    1. Honestly at that point I was starting to see stars at the loss and wanted to reduce my variance holding the Ace. Worst mistake of the session and I’ve found 3 so far.

  3. Ignore the clickbait haters and post the rest of that video.. As much as I would be frustrated punching in my code for each hand pay, the video would be awesome to watch. 💰💰🍀🍀. Hope your friend ended up after his session. ouchies on that vp session. You are bound to hit a big one soon.

    1. I think I will end up putting up the raw footage of the $1,000+ per hand play soon.

  4. A few years ago at the Peppermill Reno I got almost the same had, pair off Kings and 3 to the Royal, against better judgement I held for the Royal and got it!

    1. I’ve held the high pair 3x in my life and the royal came. Yuck. Glad you hit yours!

  5. killing me slowly every time you hold high cards of different suits. Did you forget a royal flush needs to be the same suit? Pick one card, then hit the draw button and at least give your self a chance at the royal! and don’t discard the 10 like a rookie!

    1. @Slotmassacre Looking forward to it. The bonus poker sessions have been awful. And for quite some time now.

  6. I miss your high limit playing! I was definitely cheering you on to a win! Do you ever go back to a machine that beat you up earlier and think it owes you? lol

  7. Damn!!!!
    The $50 and $100 levels were brutal. Hope they at least have you a reach around.
    Didn’t Cosmo band you a while back?

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