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    1. I’m trying to keep up with MWF for now but I’m hoping to increase it soon 😉

  1. When you go for hit and runs leave your cc and cash station cards at home. Better luck next time. Sorry I missed you in Vegas. We stayed at the Bellagio.. we would look in high limits when we were at Cosmo. We never made it downtown. Better luck next time. 🍀🍀

  2. Andrew,
    Great Channel. Been watching since you began.
    So, as a consummate poker player, and it really comes down to winning. You mentioned you have secret places once that give you the best leverage to win. I don’t understand why you don’t just play those places?

    1. @James Gee HE does play at those secret places but he will not film at those places

  3. Still one of the coolest things on YouTube I ever saw was you hitting that 100k live at the Cosmo.

  4. You were playing “next hand” poker. Mostly the one card you needed was in the next hand. Next time! Good luck!!

  5. I appreciate how you keep it real . Three hours of driving , win and losses . No fluff !! And what It takes / time out of your life . Thanks Andrew ..

  6. Well it could have been 300, but how do you know when to say when? How to know where the peak is? I constantly ask myself that. Always enjoy these videos. 😎

  7. My number one rule which thankfully I’ve never broken. Take entertainment(gambling)money to the casino and never give into hitting the ATM. I’ve seen and known to many that have seriously lost more than just money due to this.

    Thanks for sharing your play, the wins and the not so good times.

    1. One of the saddest things about casinos to me is if you go to the ATMs later in the day you’ll see bunches of the little slips laying on or around the machines and if you pick them up and look at them the majority are cards being declined because people exceeded their daily cash advance limit

  8. Did you ever notice how many times if you’re going for 4 of a kind you hit the card right next to the one you need out of the deck? Say if you need the 4 of spades for 4oak you’ll hit the 3 of spades. Or if you need the 8 of hearts you’ll get the 9 of hearts. I’ve noticed it happens more than it seems mathematically possible.

    1. well, it SHOULD happen exactly twice as often. When I see these things that seem like they should not happen, I start writing them down. And you know what happens? THE MATH IS REAL. Your brain just ‘forgets’ when you HIT quads, but REMEMBERS all the misses. Try it.

  9. From one gambler to another, THAT HURTS. When is your next session 🤣🙃

  10. Greetings from Torrance! Its always a disappointment when no money comes back home, but that is the harsh reality of gambling. John got me thinking of the long term play instead of just an individual session. His record keeping is epic! You play enough times that I am sure the next BIG hand is right around the corner just like last year. What’s great about your channel is that we get to see the big payouts that will probably never happen to us (me). So its always exciting to see you hit big! Thanks again!

  11. Telling it like it is, Andrew, and that makes it a great video. Thank you for all your guidance, insights, and help with my channel in Vegas, on this visit to The ‘D’ for the video poker tournament. Even though we put in a lot of work, we also had a great time playing together and aiming for the future of our channels, You’re #1 my friend. Thank you, Slotmassacre, for all that you do in helping, John’s World, get off the ground. I appreciate all your sacrifice and all that you do for me!

  12. It was so quiet on this video compared to the Vegas ones. I like just hearing the buttons being pushed..LOL! Hey Andrew, do you ever do E-Check at any of the casinos. It’s the first thing I do when I go to a new casino. It would save you on those ATM fees.


  14. I feel your pain. Last year I could usually hit a couple jackpots per session. This year I can’t hit a jackpot to save my life. Something has changed out there.

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