Biggest Bets of the Year!! 😳High Limit Video Poker VLOG 171

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For Patreon and Channel Members this is session # 30 of the year and you can see my 21 various statistics I track from the session on the file you have access to.

Biggest Bets of the Year!! 😳High Limit VLOG 171

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  1. Cool video as usual, thanks for keeping it real. I’ve done the same thing too many times, I’m up then give it back and more. At least you have a good attitude, it takes me awhile to recoup my composure. Good luck!

  2. yes the $100 made me squirm a bit Andrew🎲but if one thing ive learned from you gotta play big to win big my friend

  3. Super fun video Andrew had my heart pumping on that $100.00 machine! Good luck next time out there!!!

  4. I can relate on the “wanting more”. I think that hits especially hard when a gain happens early in the session.

  5. nothing wrong taking a shot love it ur days is comming again i have faith u will do another 100k

  6. $100 denom is heart pounding exciting. I truly thought maybe , just maybe if anyone could get a quad, you would. Best of luck!!!

  7. video poker machines dont hit like they once used to, those high limit machines seem to just take your money and go completely dead. The best to you and your family! i gotta say you got guts to play like you do. I hope you hit a real big one and walk away for a few months and enjoy your life. all the best, its sure exciting watching these videos.

  8. just looked up the best games in Wendover. Holy cow.. great pay tables on high limits… Looked on v p free 2. Get em next time Andrew. 🍀🍀💰💰

  9. My swings aren’t paying like they used to 6 months ago. I dunno what’s going on. Great video Andrew.

    1. They come and go. Just like the cards. Feb & March were amazing for me but mediocre since…

  10. I couldn’t understand why the bartender called security. I played it back 3 times and can’t make it out. What happened? And yes, my butt puckered up on the $300 bets.

  11. Where are those high limit? I tried finding them. I went to Wendover about a month ago couldn’t find anything higher then $1. I’m most likely blind and walked right by them😂

  12. Having OCD seems to me to be a common trait of the more, say, resolute vp players…it can help…it can hurt too. Thanks for the vids!

    1. OCD is a common trait of successful people. They’re running the world we all live in.

  13. I enjoy your videos. I love seeing someone else bet 100 dollar plus bets. Good luck to you

  14. Dont sweat the loss. Your bounceback offer off that play could pay dividends as you could max out several free play runs with this casino being more local.

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