A $5,300 Poker Tournament In Texas

In this vlog we are in texas playing a $5,300 Competition in Houston at Prime Social
Thanks to Americas Cardroom. We get lucky and win a one table flip for another entry. However this is a traditional solid competition vlog with technique and all the rest.





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If you wan na email me: briandepauloo@gmail.com.

A $5,300 In Texas

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  1. That T4 was brutal, glad to see justice served on that one. Loved the wild west fonts and graphics

  2. 17 minutes ago?

    I knew neglecting life and responsibilities would reward me somehow.

    Greetings from down undAH Mr.Degen Sir.

  3. I appreciate the degen all in flip on break so much that I just ordered a degen hoodie from your merch….. oh and the slow roll was the icing on the cake…. parkour!

    1. I mean the least he can do is reply to the people supporting and buying his merch, these dudes are nothing without the people who watch

  4. Much prefer these type videos (your original style) to the more recent one sat at a cash table for a whole episode, it is your forte and where your comedy comes out

  5. Love you how you incorporated Sunset Riders game into this. That game was so badass back in the day

    1. I came to the comments to see if anyone else noticed. I Love Ryan’s nods to retro gaming.

    2. Spent about the cost of this tournament for a crazy arcade cabinet with like 150k games on it. Basically just play Sunset Riders and Arkanoid.

  6. You should do a Europe tournament tour rather than just Vegas, Texas, Jersey great for new varied content and also mix it up for yourself to play regularly with varied players. Ireland here love the vlog

  7. These videos are always a nice break from boring straight up poker content 🀣 keep it up my guy 🀞🏽

  8. I was at your first table, 2 to your right. Told you in the moment the QQ was a snap fold. Enjoyed playing with you, hope you come back down to Houston soon.

  9. “Some people think AK with 10BBs left is a auto jam, its not; you wanna limp call and get to a flop, cause if you don’t hit the flop you’re heading for the fcking door”- Some wise man

  10. Lmao Derrick at the end “go fk yourself” was perfect. Didn’t even know he fired in that tournament. He’s a cash reg at Prime.

    Nice meeting you Ryan. Come back any time!

  11. Meanwhile Ryan just basically binked a wsop main event entry on stupid slots 🎰 at Mandalay Bay LFG πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. I regularly refer to myself as a degenerate gambler around complete strangers because of you, Ryan, you beautiful degen.

  13. Your vlog is the only video on all of the youtubes that I watch on regular speed.

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