8 Chances for $1,000,000 Mystery Bounty WSOP 2023

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Video Modifying BY Ramsey Boeckholt.

If you wan na email me: briandepauloo@gmail.com.

8 Chances for $1,000,000 Mystery Bounty 2023

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  1. Ryan I saw you at Golden Nugget while you were miserable at that “pro-am” event haha my little parkour made you smile at least! 🎉

  2. I love Depaulo’s degen humor with the videos ever since ive watched him 3 years ago. Keep it Depaulo and win the MAIN!

  3. Just opened the video. I hope you win man. Love seeing you’ve come so far from the $200 budget video poker. Seeing you married with a house and an income and all this money to gamble makes me happy. God bless you my man.

  4. I just googled to see if Ryan had actually tied the knot and saw the most hilarious wedding invite ever.

    1. Attire Suggestions: It’s your call but I would look pretty good because this is a wedding of a couple growing in power by the day. If you come with a stained shirt JOEY the emotional stain may never disappear. For women I have no idea what’s appropriate just don’t wear a wedding dress because 99% sure Caity is already.

      Note to Guests:
      Revenge will be had on those who attend and do not dance. This is going to be a party so talk to your therapist now because you are dancing

      😂😂😂😂😂 That does not dissapoint I hear it in kaitys voice in my head but can tell depaulo had a hand in writing that for sure 😂

  5. Starting to feel like what could be the start of a small bead of a sweat that could maybe be the starting of a mini sweat

    1. He would’ve punted another spot shortly after if its the Ryan we all know and love…

  6. Checked that Daniel Negreanu guy out. He’s got potential, you should reach out and coach him a bit

  7. That Q ♥️ 2 ♥️ would’ve activated my Hellmuth rant 😂😂😂

    1. Miracle how he got it in with that hand… Will never understand that mentality:D

      Yeah… i’d be ranting too

  8. i dont even gamble anymore and this is still the best content ive seen on the internet this week

  9. About time someone talked about Daniels “secret room “ at horse shoe

  10. Ryan, I’m a father of 4 young kids, disabled, and was a degenerate gambler in my youth. I want you to know that your content means everything to me… I have the desire but lack the time and babysitters required to live out my poker dreams of donking off my lifetime bankroll at the wsop, only to then immediately call my old lady and confirm that my confidence was misplaced and I lost the kids future tuition because of something called variance and luck boxes. Keep up the good fight. You’re my hero!

  11. This vlog included a throwback to the old school Depaulo vlogs with security saying “you can’t record video in here.” 🤣😂

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