$7,500 Shot on $250 a hand Video Poker ridiculous session!

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$7,500 Shot on $250 a hand Video Poker ridiculous session!

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  1. I feel like that machine (and probably the whole bank of machines) are programmed differently….seems shady to me bro.

  2. Sorry that was not good Andrew!! Vegas is always tough on me too. Keep up the good work!

  3. I just got annihilated today. The last couple times I did pretty decent, so today wasn’t too bad, I’m pretty much even for the week. That said, I think I’m going to take the rest of the year off. This has been too much of a rollercoaster lately. This nothing to do with you, Andrew. I love watching your videos. I just felt I had to put it down in writing somewhere. So good luck, my friend!

    1. The downswings of VP can be cruel. If you look at a chart of long-term play, it’s basically just a steady downswing until you hit a royal. Whether you’re up or down in the long-term simply comes down to whether you’ve hit your mathematically expected amount of royals.

    2. @Gregory Schmidt I agree. Although I now play “triple”, so four aces with the kicker is the same jackpot. Strangely, I have had two Royals this year and one of them was dealt. Thanks!

  4. One advise from 32 years poker player …..if you are not getting the fifth card to a flush change machine .

  5. Man! Bonus Poker can be brutal when nothing but crap hands are coming out and there’s hardly any 2 pair hands either to keep you afloat. That was a tough one, Andrew, but I’m sure you’ll rebound at Red Rock where there’s better coin denomination options than at Circa. Not to mention, you won’t suffer hearing loss from chronic over exposure to excessively loud music such has that blasting away 24/7 at Circa! Great job pushing the envelope though and a least a good percentage of your bankroll was comprised of free play there.🙌🏻🙌🏻🌎

  6. Exciting to watch and painful to watch. What a sh*tty run for such a high bet session. Not one damn straight, flush or full house. Lady Luck just can’t help but kick us in the nuts once in awhile. Brutal.

    1. I’m sure I’ve had bad starts like that on lower limits but this one stands out 🤦

    2. @Slotmassacre Yep, that’s what makes it sting more…$50 coin-in instead of $.50! I play for free online at home for fun and to stay sharp, and have horrible sessions where I’ll say to myself, “thank the gods I’m not playing in the casino! LOL!”

  7. I lost approximately $2K my whole life from Jan. 17, 2010 to Apr. 1, 2022.

  8. Wow!!! That was awful….the casino should be ashamed of themselves for that machine. Not a single flush, straight, full house nada. What one lousy three of a kind….terrible

    1. I can’t think of a worse session in 6 years of when I play $25+ coin limits. Should have just played $250 hand Triple Double

    2. @Slotmassacre You’ve never lost 30 units in 10-15 minutes? I mean I guess if you haven’t played that many sessions at that limit.

      A wise man once told me that if you’re changing your play b/c of the denom, you’re playing too high. Think you did that with the 542h and the AKQJ hand. You chose the less volatile option.

  9. It is a well known fact that casinos use loud music to affect the player’s concentration on correct video poker play so they will make more mistakes and lose more money. Bars also use this technique to prevent drunk people from talking too much and creating arguments with others that cause fights.☹👎

  10. My husband and I both hit Royals in Biloxi in June holding only two cards. I would send photos of them, if I could. I hit one one day, and he hit one the next day. It was pretty awesome!

  11. Isn’t this supposedly the machine that has a %99 return rate. Crazy to watch in action

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