$500 to $700,000 DEEP RUN 20,000 People at WSOP!

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$500 to $700,000 DEEP RUN 20,000 People at WSOP!

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  1. One day in the future, kids will find it hard to believe that this legend was once banned from Borgata.

  2. Not to tell you what to do or anything but your hard of hearing fans would prolly appreciate CC on the vlogs… Run it up, yo! PARKOOOUR.

  3. Over under on how many people snap OD’d after min cashing? Haha I’m dead dude. See you mush’s in 10 days!

  4. You should have done a prop bet on who had the nastiest shirt at the tournament. Pretty sure you had the lock on that one

    1. Appreciate the stains all over the hat brim. Could be sweat, could be coke, could be pizza crust. We’ll never know.

  5. @11:37 it looks like she might have had pocket 10s? I think you misspoke and said pocket queens because two queens flopped

  6. This legend has been posting soo much content it’s a blessing 🙏

  7. best vlog yet although against her queens musta been a different pair, jacks? cause two queens came on flop

  8. “Here’s a whacky hand you might enjoy at home” – got me good for some reason

  9. I like the way you put this one together. I just noticed we have the same hair pattern on the back of our hands; mine is just blonde… neat!

  10. One day that guy will be telling his grandkids how he sold the legend Ryan Depaulo his pizza crust for $10 & due to inflation the kids will think he got ripped off

  11. I met you late Saturday night after I busted the $1500 Omaha 8/B in 96th. You were pretty lit, you said you were “in zombie mode” … So don’t know if you remember but we chatted for 10 minutes and you convinced me to join the $500 housewarming degen fest which I did and then unfortunately lost my first flip.

  12. I give Ryan maybe another 6 months before he passes up Andrew and Brad in subs. I was there before he even had 5k subs

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