50 Left, WSOP Bracelet Day 2 w $150k UP TOP!

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Video Editing BY Ramsey Boeckholt.

If you wan na email me: briandepauloo@gmail.com.

50 Left, Bracelet Day 2 w $150k UP TOP!

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  1. The king of poker has posted. Everyone stop what you’re doing and watch. Twice.

    1. Since when? What was the first video you seen? I remember my first…”Crotch Theory Optimal”!

  2. It’s so cool to see some new footage from the WSOP that ended last month. Like I told you in person, I just wish you made more videos. Brettski is passing you up! 😜 You still my favorite, but I wish you did a full time WSOP series like DNeg does. Maybe you could hire the same Chinese sweatshop to edit your videos!?

    1. for example i dont follow the wsop results and every video is new for me then + Dneg has editor and Ryan is editing it himself

  3. A win is a win. Is that gonna be the new you gotta win your all in’s? Nice job Ryan. The vlog is always entertaining. Somehow it’s better when you win.

  4. Love the animations. Especially The Mouth cruising in his scooter! Hilarious!

  5. I had to call in sick to work because i was up until 5am watching all your videos. Worth it

  6. any new upload from you is always a good day for me… you ok big buddy you seem down in this vlog?

  7. it’s interesting to say it’s a waste of time to peel. i generally agree, though i saw a daniel negreanu blog where he pointed out spots where he should be bluffing like a third of the time and he has it if he has a 7 or 8 but it’s a bluff if it’s a 6, so you can look to see the 3 pips on the side meaning it can only be a 6, 7, or 8 and then you’re thus correctly randomizing. kinda specific spot to be fair, but situations like that do exist.

  8. The rent boy cap tilt is a bold choice. I look forwards to your transition journey.

  9. I was railing when you busted the 1.5k deuce and walked with you a bit on your way out of the room. Anyway was stoked to meet you. Next year we should connect the dots. Keep the vlogs come’n! f$&* ya motha!!!

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