$250/ hand Deuces Wild Part 3. High Stakes Action!

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$250/ hand Part 3. High Stakes Action!

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  1. Never get tired of seeing that 100k hit at the beginning! That was one fun day!! Good luck Andrew…

  2. I knew what was going to happen when you said “Let’s get this to $6K”….never fails. When I play quarters, and machine is at $475.00…trying to get to $500 gets me to zero.

  3. I really enjoyed the high stakes NSUD Deuces Wild, Slotmassacre, even though, it’s not even a game that I play well. Loved the “Dirty” 3’s with the 4 kicker!🙌🏻🙌🏻🌎

  4. Definitely should’ve switched games. I find deuces wild is good for 3-5 hands. Do you think that if you’re playing $250 per hand it might be better to play a higher denom? Like a $50 game? I don’t know…just thinking maybe?

  5. I’ve played $5 VP but not 50 credits at the time.
    Made my hands sweaty 😂😂😂

  6. Ouch. Were you thinking about changing games after getting to $5k? Thanks for the post.

  7. Andrew, I have followed your channel since you started. I only play Dueces wild,and have played over 10,000 hands and kept stats. DO NOT HOLD 2 PAIR IN DUECES WILD. Out of 1700 hands where 2 pair were kept, only 43 ended up in a full house. You would do much better holding the lower pair to try and get 3 of a kind or better(579 times). Do what you want, but this is not double double, and ONLY 3 of a kind or better pays, so please rethink your strategy on holding 2 pairs on Dueces wild.

    1. Thanks. It’s advice like this that keeps professionals in business.

    2. @molkim skylop When Vegas used to offer full pay games, the FH paid 3:1 so you only kept one pair. In any game where it pays 4:1 you keep 2 pair.

    3. @Robert DellaFave Indeed. Everyone who doesn’t make correct holds just helps to make the numbers on the machine look “normal” to management. So by all means, DON’T hold that 2nd pair.

    1. Depends on the paytable. If a FH pays 3:1, you only hold one pair. If FH pays 4:1 (as in this video), you hold both pairs.

  8. Wow!! At 4:14, you were down to $1,000. At 7:31 you were up to $5,000. I would be totally grey haired playing that!! The fluctuations are HUGE!!

  9. It is extremely tilting to watch him hold two pair after two pair. That is -EV in Deuces.

    1. Not on this paytable. Charts and analyses are easily found online. If a FH pays 3:1, then hold one pair only. If a FH pays 4:1, as it does here, then holding 2 pair is the correct play.

  10. Here dude I got you. Anytime you ploppies hold one pair over two, you’re giving away $.134 per $ wagered. At his stakes that’s $33.50 in ev each time. 

    This amazing advice brought to you by two Google clicks.

    1. lol, ploppies. They’re just doing their part to help hide the play of pros, by making the theo on the machine look “correct”. 😉

  11. When you said that maybe you should change games, you should have listened to your intuition. Love watching your videos.

  12. I hate when they go cold. Amazing how fast the coins counter goes up and down on $250 per clip!

  13. VP can be brutal, especially at high limit. But the fact is VP in and of itself is a losing game with very rare exceptions. There is no betting strategy that can change that. However, if you’re able to rake in benefits on the side (player rewards, free play, and even youtube income) you MIGHT be able to offset the expected losses. But it’s a battle I’m very familiar with, having played 3.3 million hands this year alone on 9/6 JoB multiplay. Even that relatively low-volatility game can have horrendous losing streaks.

    1. Truth. Deuces is fun when the hits are coming, but it can be an ice-cold disaster too. I’ve gone down $1500 playing $5 per hand in a short session. $4,000 is drop in the ocean for deuces at $250/hand.

  14. wow. that epic whirlpool of hasty decisions deserves a sub. Good luck to you sir.

  15. Man that hurts seeing all that money go. I don’t gamble anymore but I definitely found a trip to another state round trip got a great deal $150 bucks I’m enjoying great food and great coffee for literally 250$ in my pocket. That’s so crazy to burn that kind of money. I could have traveled to so many places with that. Haha man

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