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    1. If I am using the wizard’s VP odds calculator right this Triple Bonus Plus game is 98.73%

  1. 🍿🍿🍿🍿 Triple Bonus Plus……my favorite! My local has 9/5 in quarter denom.

    1. Wouldn’t this be the double bonus poker? I thought the triple bonus had the ace jackpot the same as a royal flush.

    2. Triple double or triple triple has the 4000 for aces kicker.This is triple bonus plus

    3. @George Spalding Double Bonus only pays 800 for aces and triple bonus plus pays 1200. The plus part is it also pays 500 for a straight flush instead of 250. I like that none of the bonus payouts require a kicker.

  2. ur due to hit a 20 k plus this vlog love how u progress and how u take advantage of wat u earned in freeplay and u the only one that does it right not to miss wat they said and wat u earned in ur comps .
    the amazing thing is that the casino offer it and how many ppl use every offer they give right what they give lol its not wat they give its wat they offer and u take them up on it. but like u know this didnt happen over night u laid ur ground work now repeat ur rewards wd congrads still want to go fishing with u

  3. A high roller is Robbie, who won $400,000 on Triple Double Bonus Poker machine Wednesday night at Circa while playing $500 a hand, according to the downtown casino 4 aces with kicker triple double.. there ya go

  4. Video cut off! What happened? 😅was there a Big Win 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  5. Thanks for the slower pace,, you make it easier to understand.. The big Kahuna told me you shall be blessed with many Royals!

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