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  1. So at $1500 a hand if you draw a Royal Flush you win 1.2 million dollars. Not bad.

  2. At 1500 per hand, you would think he understood and played perfect strategy

    1. The only misplay I see is Jack 10 versus Jack King, and only then the reason Jack King is the correct hold is because the four of spades acts as a dead card. I it’s a nominal difference and expected value. His play appears to be pretty much perfect to me.

    2. @Indifferent Advocate yeah, but at $1,500 a hand, shouldn’t you play perfectly? Lol

    3. ​@Tito Guadarrama 🤣🤣 Like that matters.. You can never win over the machine. That still play this scams is unbelievable..

    4. @Tito Guadarrama I guess I’m saying that the original comment isn’t really fair; it makes it sound as if this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing and from what I can see he played a near perfect game. I’ve lost count of the number of times people comment on video poker play, criticizing perfect play because the commentator actually plays imperfectly.

    1. I mean he could have but the king wasn’t the same suite and he was obviously going for the royal flush

    2. @EQ yeah i know that. I meant that the CORRECT play was to hold JK since there was a flush penalty card

  3. For some reason I can’t see this type of post. It is all just horizontal lines. Any suggestions as to how I can view?

  4. Love triple play, really all I play for the reason you saw…he hit the kings on the second line…I know you play single line but wouldn’t you rather have 3 cracks at it? Yes you’re paying for 3 hands, I feel it gives me a better shot at hitting.

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