13 seconds left and THIS happens!! Video Poker Tournament Win.

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13 seconds left and THIS happens!! Video Poker Tournament Win.

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  1. I got an invite to this tournament but couldn’t make it.. I would have tried harder to be there had I known I could have competed with Slotmassacre!

  2. Thank you for pulling back the curtain on the tournament. Great job! Good luck!

  3. Andrew you should replay just the tourney in slo mo and show us where u missed, hit etc lol.

  4. I’ve played tournaments before. You have to get in the zone and ignore the time and everyone around you and just focus on your hands. You have to calmly play and that’s tough. That was intense and an amazing play.

  5. Watching this was the most fun I’ve had in a while! Thanks for sharing!! Video poker is the best! 💯

  6. Nice: a 4x multiplier to catapult into the lead! Excellent. (I’ve never gotten better than a 3rd place finish in a tournament.)

  7. That was so awesome! I was yelling at the screen in your support! Aside from mistakes that ANYBODY would make in that situation, that was very smooth! Congrats!

  8. This was a blast. Played in several but all single line. I’ve got a tendency to play too fast so this would’ve been a blast for me. Loved watching! Congratulations!

  9. Congrats Andrew!!!!! Gonna try to drop by tomorrow (Saturday) to say hello to you and John! Nice last minute quad A’s to get the lead!

  10. I saw you in the tournament as I was also in the tournament. Good luck!

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