$125 a hand Video Poker Challenge!

Having fun with @BeyondBlackjack at resorts word

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Please Gamble properly. My channel is here for the sole function of recording my individual betting journey with the hope of amusing you. Videos are planned for 18+ only. If you have difficulties with gambling, see NCPGambling.org in the US or look up your regional authority.

$125 a hand Video Poker Challenge!

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  1. Thanks for the AWESOME videos, I’m a new follower and I’m curious what software you use that analyses your hand selections? I’m trying to improve my play strategy and YOU HAVE BEEN A HUGE HELP and your style of play is MOTIVATING! Thank you and Keep making more videos PLEASE!

  2. Obviously slot massacre knows the correct strategy for bonus poker That’s the reason I watch slot massacre. I don’t watch people that constantly say, “ what is the correct play?” 😂😂😂

    1. He knows the correct play but he also wants to let Jamie have a say in what to keep out of courtesy.

  3. Awesome session! Vegas Matt in the background yelling… All Aboard!? 😂

  4. its about time jamie learned the value of bonus poker hes always playing stuipd deuces or triple double for dimes

  5. SOOOOO glad ur back man i been watchng u the longest !!! …..KELLY JAMIE >…love u alll

  6. Thank you Andrew, Kelly and Jaime. Nice collab, made bit of $$ and “Valuable players points” to quote Vegas Matt.

  7. I’m such a degenerate I can recognize Vegas Matt and his crew voices recording content in the back ground while watching you guys lol

  8. Play was awesome with Jamie talking of of what to hold. Really enjoyed this.😊

  9. Great video, I know I learned some stuff… Good collaboration 😊

  10. Is that Vegas Matt and his crew in the back ground playing all aboard?

  11. Andrew that was a cool video. I really enjoyed watching you play and showing the correct play.

  12. I also could hear Vegas Matt gang in the video. They were saying “All aboard”. How cool is that watching Slotmassacre play with hearing Vegas Matt in the background.

  13. I wish I wasn’t still sick so I could have hopped in on this action 😭

  14. Thanks for the session–I learned a lot. I will keep all this in mind for this weekend.

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