10 Reasons Why Jacks or Better is the Best Video Poker Game to Play

specialist, , provides details on the 10 best reasons that is the best game to play. Subjects covered include: large availablility of the game; simple technique; low variance; increased comps; and far more!

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10 Reasons Why is the Best Video to Play

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  1. I wonder if anyone knows of a website or resource that tracks casinos which have the 9/6 version of video poker that video poker players look for. Also … it would be nice to know the expected payback using optimal strategies. How does it stack up from an overall long term payback?

  2. I got her book years ago. Excellent book for beginners and intermediate players, highly recommended!

  3. Except now all Harrah’s properties in Las Vegas have drastically increased the coin-in requirement of Jacks or Better from $10 to $25 to earn one tier credit. A big blow to video poker players. Let the executives at Caesar’s Palace, Paris, Bally’s, Planet Hollywood and elsewhere know what you think. This will likely spread to the rest of the country.

  4. Thank you Steve. I’ve been playing double double bonus on 3/5/10 hand IGT slants with a good bankroll and have found that it’s more profitable with more action than a single hand play machine : )

  5. Borgata has an 8/6 on Super Times, which is great when compared to the other AC casinos and especially the Philadelphia Casinos which literally have 6/5 versions. So if you like Super Times like I do it at Borg.

  6. Actually, because of the high relative return and low variance, most casinos require you to play twice as much for the same amount of point that they give to slot players who have a way higher negative return. So, she is not correct that you get more slot points.

    1. @kadad1 She talks about earning comps as a video poker player, not as a slots player. You are comparing apples to oranges.

    2. @americancasinoguide I’m sorry, your misunderstanding is nearly unfathomable. How do you think a VP player earns comps if not by putting his SLOT CARD into the machine to the casino can track his play?

    3. @kadad1 The misunderstanding is on your part. You say “most casinos require you to play twice as much for the same amount of point that they give to slot players who have a way higher negative return. So, she is not correct that you get more slot points.” She never says anywhere in the video that you get more slot points by playing video poker rather than slots. Go back and watch the video again. She is not comparing video poker to slot machines. She is only comparing Jacks or Better video poker to other types of video poker.

    4. kadad1 if the randomness of cards drawn is really random, any jacks or better game should have the same numbers of winning hands per thousands. What changes is ones focus from volume of winning hands, to chasing high paying hands. Not worth it in my experience. Tens or better has the highest volume of winning hands per thousand. Hey that extra pair of numbers that now wins, adds a huge percentage of winning hands. Just sayin.

    5. I would agree that you will have more winning hands with tens or better. However, the problem is that it is not a common video poker game and it is hard to find. Also, the mathematical return for any game can be calculated and tens or better games have a 6/5 pay table, which is 6-for-1 on a full house and 5-for-1 on a flush. That lowers the overall payback percentage to 97.96% if 4-of-a-kinds pay 20, which is the usual case. Even if 4-of-a-kinds pay 25, which is hard to find, that only brings the return up to 99.14%, which is slightly below the 99.17% return on bonus poker.

  7. how do i determine the variance for a given machine. the payout charts are for seeing whether it is 9-6 vs 8-5 but what can i look at to see how high the variance for a given game/variant is? thank you this is a great video. Linda Boyd is a very smart person.

    1. thanks, i actually just bought Video Poker Edge (2nd ed) and it answers my questions!

  8. when you go to a casino…don’t go thinking you’re making a living at it,set a budget that you know you may lose…and don’t go over it…..know when to cash out even if you think you have a streak going…don’t become a degenerate gambler just going to have a good time…..!!

  9. I just take $200 , and play for 3 hours. most of the time, I get +$50, and that’s fine with me.

  10. Yes ,make your bankroll or stake last as long as possible while having fun.

  11. Having been a slots-only player for years, I decided to
    learn video poker in December 2018. I find that I have more fun, and lose less
    money, with video poker. Your videos have contributed quite a bit to my video
    poker education. I have learned four games so far, but Jacks or
    Better is my go-to game. Last week I hit my first Royal Flush while playing
    Jacks or Better; and did a repeat the next night. Couldn’t ask for a better way
    to end the year. Thanks, Linda.

  12. I totally disagree with this. I’m an experienced video poker player and the best game to play is Jokers Wild Machines. In Atlantic City especially at The Tropicana they have these machines in either nickel or mostly quarter and dollar machines. The paytable is 8/5 and you get 500 coins for any straight flush with or without the joker. But the jackpot is 5 of a kind and it pays 4000 coins for max bet.Anybody who knows better should know this is the best game to play, because there are 13 ways to win a five of a kind and there are only 4 ways to get a Royal Flush! So figure it out, I know what I’m talking about and its been proven, Period!!!!!

    1. I don’t believe that there are any 8/5 Joker Wild machines. Do you mean 8/5 Double Joker machines? Also, joker games are popular in Atlantic City, but pretty much nowhere else in the country. Jacks or better games are the most widely available games throughout the country.

    2. @americancasinoguide Yes there are and they have many of these machines in Atlantic City casinos especially like the Tropicana, I know I play them regularly and although I don’t win on a regular basis, I do ok most of the time and see many other people hit on these machines quite often.The I G T machines are an 8/5 paytable with 2 pair giving you your money back. Then it’s 3 of a kind and up. Assuming you play the max coins which is usually 5 a straight pays 20, a flush pays 25, full house pays 40 coins, 4 of a kind pays 80 coins, any straight flush or any royal flush with or without the joker pays 500 coins and the jackpot is 5 of a kind which pays 4000 coins.In the Tropicana they have individual machines quarter and dollar machines Jokers Wild that have individual Progressive Jackpots that pay over 1000.00 for 25cent play and well over 4000.00 for dollar machines.They even still have the nickel 5 line jokers wild machines in an 8 machine bank that for 1.25 for five lines you can win 200.00 on any 1 line for 5 of a kind, if you are dealt a five of a kind you get the small jackpot of atleast 1000.00 and it keeps building, and if you get 5 Aces dealt which is the Big Jackpot then you get a minimum of 15000.00 which keep growing till someone hits it plus the other small jackpot so you can get both!!!! Now think about this I’m correct in what I’m saying, I was going there all the time until this virus shut them down, but I can prove everything I just told you it’s absolutely true! If most people have never experienced this then they’re missing out on a real chance of having a great deal of fun !!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. @americancasinoguide And those other machines stink and the people who don’t know about this or haven’t played these wonderful machines are getting screwed and are missing out on the Fun!!!!!

  13. Thank you! I enjoy your channel. Do you have any content that discusses the pros and cons of bonus poker Deluxe? Thanks

    1. @americancasinoguide Bonus Poker Deluxe doesn’t appear to be as good a s BP. Thanks for responding

  14. I lost 200$ on jacks or better regular 8/5 and I was betting 5$ a hand and it took me 4 hours to lose it. 😀
    Not saying this is a bad thing, there’s times I’ve won too of course. 😀
    Slot machines are WAY too fast simple and boring.

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