“Win so much that you’ll get bored winning” – Roulette Strategy

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"Win so much that you'll get bored winning" – Roulette Strategy

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  1. Going to Vegas soon… Really looking forward to playing some roulette. No triple zero though!

  2. 😂 I get bored of winning, sometimes I play my systems to lose so I prove to myself they aren’t the best bets in the world …. I haven’t proved it yet 😂😂

  3. Wow. I could feel those losses watching the video lol. That would suck! Thanks for sharing!

  4. The good thing about a system is once they get all your money, you still have your system, they can never take that from you.

  5. First thing I did before it started was figure out how to minimize the bets and make it a chase 🤣
    $550 risk with 3 simple increases… Grapefruit!

  6. I’m going to go test this on the ETGs I play & see if it will let you bet it, I don’t think so but I can try… I know it’ll let me do 0,00 split (1 unit bet) with a double street (2 unit bet) & 2 dozens (4 unit bet), which is what I play to grind out money, everything on that pays 1 unit except 0/00 pays 7 units.
    You could modify it so that you’re covering the 1st dozen on occasion & 2 becomes a sweet spot, but that adds a donk. Still, 6 donks is pretty good.

  7. Great strategy, play the reverse numbers of what the high roller is playing, seems to work more often than not!

  8. I absolutely every time they have a system and the very first spin, alex his a donk. the reaction is priceless lmao

  9. Even if it didn’t work out because of hand model stool really cool they reviewed my system and yea I’ll drop the martingale lol. THANKS GUYS!!! (Cheap man’s version is already sent in)

  10. Have you noticed “Hand Model “ hits the first 12 section >70% of the time? In this video it was 100%!

  11. When I get bored of winning, I go to the craps table. Always have no problem losing my money there!

  12. I wish you guys explained the bets. Because I came here hoping to learn something. I get the two 1/3 of the board bets. But what is the be near the low numbers? What does it cover and what does it pay?

    1. $200 on third dozen, $200 on middle dozen, $100 on double street and $50 on 0,00,2.

      So basically you cover 12 numbers for the two dozens. Then you cover another 6 with the double street which is basically 2 rows of 3 (represented by placing chips on the intersection of the two columns and the dozen, on the boarder of the inside board. To simplify the placement, in this example the chips are placed on the intersection of 3,7 and the first dozen), and then another 3 numbers with the 0,00,2 represented by the chips being on the intersection of all these numbers.

      It is $550 showing. Dozen bets ($200 bet here) pay out 3x the bet. (200×3 is 600 and that’s $50 more than what you placed). Your two dozen bets both win you a net of $50 and cover 24 numbers.

      Your double street or six line is 6x the bet. With you going $100 that’s again $600 for a $50 return.

      Lastly the 0,00,2 or 3 number bet (street counts too) is a 12x bet. $50 x 12 is again $600 with $50 profit.

      Basically for the possibility of 38 numbers you cover 33 of them with $50 profit each win for an overall 86.8% win rate.

  13. for anyone who sees this, i love this way ive been playing roulette, 25minimum tables, put down 200 and split these numbers with 10$ each. 2-5 11-14 14-17 21-24 29-32 32-35. 60$ bet every time with a 180 payout every time and 14 and 32 jackpot numbers payout 360 BOOOOM. LOVE THESE SPLITS. i call it NATES SPLITS lmaoo

  14. I wish that they would put their roulette videos in a playlist that has all the grape fruits!!

  15. Happy I finally saw him lose. My luck would be 2 donks in a row. I can play a double dozen strategy and get 6 or 7 strikes in the off dozen. Frustrating to what these guys play most times and never hit a donk that wipes them out. Happens to me all the time.

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