“Win it all…” With this roulette strategy

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"Win it all…" With this roulette strategy

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  1. I love you guys! Even my wife laughes when I watch your video on my TV and that is saying a lot because she hates that I gamble.

  2. You can achieve the same payouts with 4 bets (instead of 12):
    $90 on 1-18
    $10 on 1-2 Split
    $35 on 19-24 Double Street
    $25 on an uncovered Corner (e.g. 25-26-28-29 Corner)

    You’ll still have 2x$200 Jackpots, 4x$65 wins, 6x$50 wins, 16x$20 wins, and 10 WHACKS.

    What’s up with “…walk away when you’re down $500…” though? Then why are we buying in for $1000?

    BTW – Alex was up $235, not $135 at the end (at 09:00). $1235-$1000 = $235

    1. You can make different versions of the play it was only $500 buy in $170 average bet… I think I broke ceg today and made Alex mad…

    2. @Tour Capture This system deserves a Plum rating, at least, in my humble opinion. You can still make it DTF and get the comps. with 28 numbers covered with just 2 outside bets, Even and Red, for instance. 20 pushes, 8 wins 1:1.

    3. again the math going on during the videos sux. u are right and when he gave it a bad rating cause he stated 5 pays im like … ur got the math wrong again. its not a bad layout for aq system he took a 150 whack and still made 235 which means he didnt make only 5.00 on nmbrs like he states at time of rating

  3. Wonder if he’s feels different about this system when he realizes his math was way off the entire time. He got whacked once and still came out way ahead.

  4. Thank you for playing my system I will submit another one and I will become grapefruit and I’m cdn hahaha

  5. Win over loss ratio of 2 to 7, good system to 4 x Martingale, if bankroll is abundant.

    1. Yes Martingale some times help but another times not good, you play live roulette or rng?

  6. I like playing the wheel but 7 spins?? SEVEN SPINS?? That didn’t prove much. That said, u guys are great and I appreciate the videos!

  7. Can you guys start stating the Buyins, Bets and Numbers, etc in the description?

  8. The goal as David mentioned. Make enough to pay for a single ticket to Legoland to find my dog. He’s in there somewhere..

  9. Fellas, i’m gonna be staying at Ti from may 4th-8th so hit me up if you wanna hit some stadium craps! would love to meet you guys!

  10. David was a little too fixated on the “you may win you may lose” thing and Alex seemed in a bad mood for this video.

    Anyway, I didn’t think the system was that bad, but I’m not going to remember it. Plum seems fine.

    1. Couldn’t have said it any better. But everyone has off days. They have both always been pretty consistent and accurate. This is just an off day.

  11. Finally submitted one of my 2 primary systems to you guys, hoping it gets reviewed! I’m sure you guys have a back log, but here’s hopin’!

    This one is interesting but that’s a bigass bet. I do something similar to this with $1 units but it covers different numbers, with the other system I haven’t submitted yet. Plays 26 numbers, wins 9 units every time you hit, so you can make up for a loss in 3 wins (the bet is 27 units to win 36 units). It covers the numbers around the 0/00, and 17/20. It also has a companion system that covers the numbers NOT covered by it, and you play 14 of the same numbers, so it’s a buddy system that insures someone is always winning & has plenty of opportunities for both people to win.

    I might try to submit that one to you guys to have David play one system while you play the other, but that would be pretty complicated, because it plays a double street, a single street, a lotta splits etc.

  12. interesting system…playing this out on my corn simulator, it’s not a horrible system. yeah, there are a ton of donks, 9 i believe. But i have recovered from multiple donks nicely, hitting the double street and the 4 way split (they pay $50 and $65 respectively). So i like the fact that if you get donked, you have faster ways to recover than simply hitting the +$20 8 times…and you have two jackpots, both of which are near the green numbers. Man, im not sure i agree on the eggplant; i think this was is at least middle range, at least a plum.

  13. I watch this video 30 times and it’s fun to watch and he shots on it… and Dave comments every time.. I think Alex had a very very bad day

  14. I agree with their ratings. I’ll go eggplant+, plum- at best. I like easier dtf systems.

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