Win by Following the Wheel on Roulette

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Win by Following the Wheel on Roulette

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  1. These kind of “follow” systems are the ones that give you a fighting chance.

  2. After so many in a row, red or black, hi or low, not only am I betting against the wheel, I martingale my losses. Usually after 5-7 in a row.

  3. I nominate David to commentate in the booth for the F1 race in November. That would be amazing!

  4. Don’t follow the wheel, follow the system the board creates. Sometimes the board goes red three times, then black three times. Or odd to even to odd to even. Follow the patterns the board creates.

  5. You didn’t follow the wheel. You followed the board. The wheel is evenly spread out of colors, even odd, high low, columns & dozens.

  6. I always pound the middle section, hammering 17/20/23 and sprinkling 16-24 leaving 13/14/15 empty, and then whatever number it was on I play the 3 numbers to the left and 3 to the right.

  7. The best way to play “follow the wheel” would be to isolate each of those bets and see those bets within that group. For example, follow the wheel with black and red and keep those profits/losses to the side. Then follow the wheel in the dozens, and keep those profits/losses on the side. Do each section individually to see if it makes sense to follow the wheel. The reason is, your mass betting averages out the wins and losses to virtually nothing.

  8. I was programming different strategy testers for roulette and i made one that follows the winning number then martingale every 35 loses. It was averaging a 2% win rate.

  9. Do you guys realize that Dennis is always aiming for the double zero? He’s whacking you goot! You need to learn section betting. He hit 8 out of ten in the “hot spot” 1,3,13,15,22,24,34,36,00 😅

  10. I like betting sections, it’s basically limiting where the ball can land, y’all play the board which y’all should have a video on 4 sections of 6 or 3 sections of 8 since y’all like to play 1st 2nd 3rd 12

  11. All roulette systems fail because the house always has the edge. For example, the house edge in the Romanovsky is 50%!

  12. Best strategy for me was this one: Take a piece of paper and write all 37 numbers, after that watch every spin and circle every number after every spin by elimination untill you left just with 1 number, it is possible to appear after 80spin or over 200 spins, it takes patience, for example, I circled 36 numbers from 37 and the last one is number 7, wait for him to appear, after that start betting only on that number because are more chances to repeat more times than before, bet on that number until you make 35 units profit, after that repeat the procedure

  13. Would’ve been absolutely hilarious if it had been a video that ends on 0/00.

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