Win A Jackpot of Money with This Roulette Stategy

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Win A Jackpot of Money with This Roulette Stategy

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    1. Idk if your joking or not but the last video was titled as today’s date… I assume they took it down and re-uploaded with this title. 😅

  1. i modifed this one a little and ran it on a auto sim for 1000 spins and its surprisingly did ok

    1. You was just lucky that happens and as nothing to do with this pathetic useless system

  2. If playing on a European wheel, what’s the optimal placement for that 0/00 bet? On the 0?

  3. When are we going to see some of your live table sessions at the Strat on you tube testing some of these systems.

  4. These videos used to be 15 to 20 minutes. Now they are 7 to 11 minutes long with only 8-9 spins. Love the content but I wish the videos were a little longer with more spins

    1. It’s because the YouTube algorithm. But I 100% agree I hate these short videos.

    2. Apparently we have to let them know these videos are getting dislikes until we get a fair amount of footage! 😒 at least! 20 minutes!!😡

  5. Saw 16 even numbers in a row recently. Lesson learnt. Stay away from the roulette tables.

  6. lol.. seems good watching… i was playing along on the phone game and lost all in like 4 out of 6 spins..

  7. Just moved to the west coast and went to the Casino to play Roulette…..They DONT USE THE BALL!!!… It’s 2 spinning wheels… One wheel has an arrow on it and the other wheel has all the roulette number hidden. So, when the arrow stops, they pick up the hidden post and reveals the number. The numbers are not even on the wheel. They are on this metal stamp looking thing! So weird. NO bouncing ball hype! Can’t wait to visit vegas to try some of these systems. Thanks guys! BTW, where do you go to test these systems ( The Simulators) ?

    1. You wouldn’t want to be doing it with any more than 4 or 5 beers on board. 😂

  8. This is damn close to the strat/number setup I’ve been testing. You’re playing 24 numbers, I’m playing 25-27 depending on the bets. But my pays are even except for if you hit 0/00/1/2/3 pays more. Mine is also scalable, this isn’t really scalable unless you wanna get in to absurd buy in territory (for most common folk anyway).

    I like it when systems look/seem almost random like this but there’s actual logic to it, wondering what this guy’s logic was.

    1. More or less just trying to find a good balance around all 4 for pushing and having at least 2 big hits on the table. its been tweaked quite a few times

  9. So the best grapefruit nominees in staring CQ game strategies will be notified by emails? Will all attending nominees receive a fruit basket? I don’t think that eggplant is a fruit though.

  10. Thanks for trying out my system! So glad it got a Peach rating and almost on the cusp of grapefruit! Wish It could have had a few more spins but glad it didn’t get whacked. It’s a system I have been messing around with for a few months now and felt like it was decently solid.

    1. Not a system at all. Make banker as 1 and player as 2 and use mathematic to prove it. We are not idiots

    2. @pang cheongkai literally have no idea what your referring to, but based off your reference, stick to baccarat

  11. Modeled this on thousands of spins, pretty much always ended up negative. Tried martingsling it. Nope. Still losing. 3x? Nope. 6x? Nope. TWELVE X??? oh it won a few times but… still a loser. Strangely after abandoning it completely…. Worked out 🙂

    Thanks for showing us another system!

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