Win $20 Every Spin w This Roulette Strategy || Mother Comps

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Win $20 Every Spin w This Roulette Strategy || Mother Comps

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  1. Lap dances are $20. I think what daddy is getting for $100 isn’t a “lap dance”

  2. i always find it hilarious that alex always gets the short end of the stick and hes the one testing these magic systems haha. entertaining nonetheless!

    1. That’s because donkey David doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing if it was left to him

    1. It’s a points system, I’m a big mgm guy and if you can earn status you get exclusive comps for the tier you are at. If you are at a “noir” tier status which is the highest tier you get the following:

      Free air travel to Vegas put to $1,200 dollars
      Free food up to $500
      Free high end transportation in Vegas
      Annual complimentary stays
      Free room upgrades when available
      Waived resort fee for all stays (my favorite, I’d recommend everyone make it to gold status for this perk)
      Free concerts when available
      Free play money (no limit, just depends how much you gamble)
      Discounts to everything MGM related (use your players card for every purchase you make to include shopping, food, and rooms, you get the credit for a tier upgrade doing this)

  3. Good hit and run system, I started with 10k and doubled up after each loss and walked away with over a 2k profit!

    1. @ptaccone Yes, had a couple of losses early as I recall and then ran the table, reached the table limit and cashed out!

    2. @Prophet Margin nice, congrats, was that in vegas or elsewhere? CEG team are right though, the comps on this would be great, depending where you play of course

  4. ohhh That’s my system!! Thanks for covering it! The original system covers the 0/00, so Alex maybe wouldn’t have lost the last spin there. Agreed you only grind 10$ instead of 20$, but this is supposed to be a comp system, so covering 35 numbers out of 38 is the goal to reduce the maximum chance of getting whacked! But anyway, thx again for the peach 🙂

    1. @Kisoro 10 on one of the 0’s, average bet is $350, 3 donks, all profit is $360 meaning $10 profit each hit

  5. Did the pauper’s version of this $30 on the dozens with $10 on the two corners and $5 on the split.
    Each spin missing the 4 donks, pays $5
    At my casino got 46 spins in before a donk….a nice $145 for 2 hours of grinding.

    Thank you CEG…you have forced me into early retirement…

  6. Playing a lot of numbers at 34 out of 38. Why not just get rid of the $20 bet on the 13/16 split? Play 32 out of 38 numbers, and increase your weddings by a bit more each spin?

  7. Lap dances were $20 back in 97 at Scores in NYC when I went to my brother’s bachelor party. I’m guessing they are at least $40-$50 now, at least for a decent, non snaggletooth lot lizard.

  8. I like how they glazed over the fact that ON THE FIRST SPIN IT WAS RIGHT NEXT TO 22 !!!!!!!

    22 is a must-cover number for me for strats like this because of the fact that 5-7-11-17-20-22-32 are all next to each other on the wheel and not playing those & seeing them hit hurts my brain.

    You could easily modify this to make whatever 4 numbers you want be the donks though.

    1. good point, i’m thinking making 1 and 2 the donks, keep the 0/1 and 00/2 together. Don’t know if thats a good strat or not but will give it a shot.

  9. This is one of the best. It’s also easily manipulated to fit each individual’s wallet.

  10. New System Proposal:

    Bulls Eye
    Start by placing 15 units on the center column. Pick one of the following numbers(5, 8, 17, 20, 29, or 32) place 3 units on it, 1 unit each on all its border splits and corners, 2 units on the street and 1 unit each its double streets. Then add 15 units to its dozen. You’re in for 45 units.
    $15 table ($1 units) you’re in for $45 per spin – bank roll $300
    $5 units you’re in for $225 per spin – bank roll $1500.
    Narrowed the wheel to 12 hits vs 17 losers.
    I like to ride the number till it hits then play again for one more spin before changing numbers.
    Once I have doubled my bank roll I double the bets.
    Most of your strategies are cover a lot of numbers for a small payout. This is cover a fewer numbers for larger payout strategy.

    1. Do you play it often and what is strategy if you get few wacks in a row?

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