We’re Searching for the Best Roulette Strategy

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We're Searching for the Best Roulette Strategy

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  1. Save time: if you’re covering $6 bets on 13-24 simply put all chips on second dozen. Pay is exactly the same with less work

  2. Your vlogs are entertaining. Unfortunately ALL roulette systems are exactly the same. The 00 wheel gives the house more than a 5% advantage, no betting strategy beats that.

    1. Christopher Mitchell disagrees with that statement. It comes down to him being luckier than most, i guess.

  3. There is none! The Algorithms and sequencing in the casinos is too advanced and it has 99% chance against you … They are tracking your every move, behavior , body language, how much you lose or win.. theres a infamous saying “the house always wins” where do you think that came from? … No system has ever beat the casino ..

    1. Let’s say 4 or 5 players decide to cover all the numbers on the roulette wheel with one chip. Do you think the casino needs an algorithm when there will be a guaranteed winning player to remain a business? Roulette is mathematically shielded because the payment system charges a commission percentage to each winner, paying less than it should according to mathematical probability. So, if you talk about algorithms, magnets or any other tool to block a winning number, you mean that the casino is scamming. But casinos don’t need to cheat to be a business.

    2. Beat in the long term no… short term wins takes discipline. Look at card counters and dice control/influencers for that. These systems are the same vein of the counters and influencers. the only thing about roulette is the dealer has control and can do something called clocking the wheel to stop these systems but most dealers probably feel safe that averages and all that jazz will catch up.

    3. you’re also right the house always wins, this goes hand in hand with “Vegas was not build on winners” unless you consider the casinos being the winners.

    4. @L B They are scamming . they have a special job for a special person to program one specific THING .. Trust me am speaking from experience been Workin in control room for over 8 years now..

  4. Sat next to a lady that bought in at 4000, only put 1 quarter on number 11 every time. It never hit, 20 x in a row. She finally gave up on 11 and put it on 20. 11 hit the very next spin. She went back to 11 and I watched her quarters dwindle down to zero. I’m pretty sure the first time she played roulette in her life, she hit on the first spin on number 11 and has been chasing that high ever since.

  5. I can never not hear “Look at you buddy” after the last video 😂😂😂

  6. Guys I have good strategy. Place 10$ on second column 10$ on second division and 20$ on black . Just play it if you loses double it and follow Martingale

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