We double our Money with this Roulette Strategy || Carnivorous Plant

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We double our Money with this Roulette Strategy || Carnivorous Plant

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  1. Your craps lessons on dealing are excellent. I can’t say the same thing about your roulette videos. You will lose at exactly the same rate per amount that you bet regardless of what betting system you use. It’s that simple.

    1. I make money every day that I play Roulette and Baccarat. Those who don’t, or can’t make money, are those who leave everything to chance. Now yes, I don’t constantly make money with every spin of the wheel and sometimes I get down a few hundred, like yesterday, I was down over $300, but then I lower my bets and played smart, and I eventually ended up in the green, as I do every day. It takes great systems, knowing how and when to use those systems, having patience, and leaving all emotions out of your decisions, especially greed.

  2. A bit of luck…hitting 11 odd numbers out of 14 spins. Not sure if it’s a peach…maybe a bruised peach.

    1. Just a quick reality check, if my calculations are correct, the outcome after 13 spins should have been, on the counter side:
      -Even & 1st col. combo, 104 units lost;
      -Even & 3rd col. combo, 74 units lost.

      Averaging -89 units, with +83 to counter. That’s why they should have placed a bet with the small wins at risk, occasionally, so you don’t lose as quick in a bad streak.
      Again, if the math is right, and the system was played with the other two tiers in consideration, the outcomes do get better :
      +93 units with Odd & 2nd col. combo;
      -70 units for the Even & 1st col. combo;
      -54 units for the Even & 3rd col. combo;

      With the losses averaging -62, with +93 to counter, so + 31 overall. And keep in mind i am not claiming this is “advantage play” or that you can overcome the return of 18/19 of all the money wagered, on the long run, just that it would be better to play the system the way it was intended.

  3. Alex did quickly mentioned but did not deployed it: after the small wins, bet only on the 00-2-3 trio, for the next spin. As long as the table lower limits allows you to risk 1 or 2 of those units.

  4. Just ran this system on a simulator starting with a 10k bankroll, and managed to hit black on every roll, quickly busting my account, thank you Alex!

  5. I do cold sauce too out of pure laziness. The cold soup out of a can is wild, you should keep that to yourself Alex lol love the daily content, keep the $100 challenge going on IG

  6. Just submitted a revised lazy martingale/martingale system. It’s a bit complex but I believe i got the payouts correct and i only lose when playing solo game on phone app. I swear it tries to miss my hits when others aren’t with me

    1. Oh and lazy version if only win on 4th you need 2 wins there to be up money

    2. @Christopher Jones please let me know how you did, and what you would rank it as. Even if you are cussing me under your breath. Since there are many donks

  7. I also do cold sauce on spaghetti and I know your feeling. When I make it for someone, they’re freak out a little, and ask, you don’t heat it up first?!
    But at least they try it, and they don’t dis it but seems like they still prefer hot sauce.
    To each their own

  8. Davey “okay I’ve got to put on my”” you-tube filter”” not a swear word in sight…LOL ….and on french fries…mayo and ketchup mixed with a shot of hot sauce….incredible !!!

  9. I was in the old military. We ate stuff right out of the can cuz we had no way to heat it up. the mayonnaise on French fries comes from Germany

  10. Fries are from Belgium and they put aioli/mayo on that all the time. It’s weird I had soup out of the can for the very first time a couple months ago. NO REGRETS. I kinda felt like I was camping. It was so good. Amy’s organic chili and roasted veggies tomato soup. It’s been hot ya’ll in Vegas don’t want that stove on. Didn’t even need a can opener, just a spoon. 😅😮

  11. Also yes small Figi water at Encore beach club was like $12, I was not happy. Lol.

  12. What was the strategy you showed where you bet two thirds of the numbers and then picked one number out of the last third? It was something like that and you said it was easy and good. I dont see that video anymore?

    1. Interesting strategy, Dont make alot if you win but I guess the wins would add up if you it 10 times in a row

  13. If you’re going to do a system like this , I would think doing 3rd column + red, would be slightly better.
    There are 8 red in the 3rd column vs 6 odd in 2nd column.
    ( or you could always do 2nd column +black which is also 8 )

  14. Mayonnaise on french fries is actually a Belgian tradition… they have restaurants that will serve you just a cone of french fries with like 10 different sauces, but there is always mayonnaise,( or “garlic aïoli “which is just a way to lie about eating mayonnaise)

  15. Tried this on a simulator. After 35 spins I was up $380 (but this included 3 separate hits on 00 lol.) Solid system though and fun.

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