We both Won with This Roulette Strategy || Nick Pappagiorgio

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We both Won with This Roulette Strategy || Nick Pappagiorgio

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  1. It’s not a roulette video without at least one hole finder green number

  2. You won’t catch uncle Eddie blowing any money on that roulette wheel. I think the kids names are russ and audrey

  3. “Here’s an idea, how about you give me half the money you were gonna bet, we’ll go out back, I’ll kick ya in the nuts and we’ll call it a day!” 😂😂😂😂

  4. You guys are killing me!! 1:07 “follow the last number”. Your bet should be moving with what number rolls. This is to catch repeaters and color streaks. Follow the comment thread for more info.

    1. First off 16:26 this does not play on ETG. It caps you at tier 4. Plays on table just fine.

    2. Low stakes buy in.
      $5 table $700 buy in
      Tiers= 5,15,40,90,200 walk $120-$140.

      $10 table $1400 buyin. (This is what I played)
      Tiers= 10,30,80,180,400 walk $240-$280.

      Nick Pappagiorgio wouldn’t play low buyin 😅

    3. System played out correctly:
      B33- Alex. David.
      R19- P P
      R16- P P
      0- -50 -50
      B28- P P
      R14- P P
      R19- P P
      R36- P P
      B24- P P
      B35- P P
      B2- P P
      R7- -150 +100
      R32- P P
      B26- P P
      R19- -400 +50
      R9- +900 -50
      B4- -50 +100
      R21- -150 +50. 8:25 mistake
      B13- P P
      B24- P P
      B11- P P
      B11- +400 -50
      R5- P P
      R18- P P
      R18- +50 -150
      R23- P P
      0- -50 -400
      B17- P P
      B8- P P
      R1- -150 +900
      R36- P P

      Alex up +350 currently on tier 3.
      David up +500 currently on tier 1.

    4. However your play did net more money but I felt it was more risky.

      Lastly stop waiting for a new role. We are here to gamble. Use the last number rolled to place your bets.

      Unfortunately they will never read this.

  5. You wouldnt be able to do 350 at a casino, because 25 starting bet / 10 would be 2.5 on each, right?

    1. Correct, doesn’t work on ETG anyways. Caps your tier where you can’t play tier 4.

  6. Just make the units. 1, 3, 8, 18, 40. Then do $10 per unit. Walk in with $1400 instead. Less IBS

  7. Not for me. Betting red or black plus odd or even is betting against half your numbers on your other bet. Betting against your own bet.

  8. Instead of Martingale, just put 5$ on each “juckpot number” ( black odd:11;13:15,….) ?

  9. That’s the secret Alex, if your betting low like you said $350 and you profit only $50$-60 is it worth it when your bank roll is even higher? I only bet on a system that if I get whacked once I can make it back in 2 rolls…

    1. ​@@ChristheCannon1so it would be $10 bet first?
      $5 black
      $5 even? If that’s how It starts

  10. Maybe only show good roulette strategies. The odds you will hit a black number that is odd is less than 1 in 4.

  11. Here are the real stats double zero wheel:

    Black/Odd – 8 wins, 10 whacks, 20 push.
    Red/Even – 8 wins, 10 whacks, 20 push.

    Black/Even – 10 wins, 12 whacks, 16 push.
    Red/Odd – 10 wins, 12 whacks, 16 push.

    Your are supposed to move your bet depending on the last number rolled, not keep in one spot.

    Example B33- rolls. You’d bet Black/Odd.
    Next# R23. You pushed but now bet Red/Odd.
    Next# B2. You lost. Tier 2 now bet Black/Even….etc…

    1. ​@@gabrielwerling9544catch repeaters mostly. I like staying on color streaks as well. Statistically probably doesn’t matter.

  12. 0:11: 🎰 The video discusses a roulette system called Nick PapaGeorgio and shares a strategy for playing roulette.
    2:55: 🤪 The video is a humorous conversation about a hybrid martingale system and the potential consequences of IBS in Vegas.
    5:26: 🎮 The video is about discussing the potential risks and strategies of gambling for profit.
    7:55: 💰 Two people discussing their progress in a game and the potential winnings.
    10:44: 🎰 The video captures a person’s experience of playing a casino slot machine and their fluctuating emotions.
    13:20: 🤔 The video features a conversation about consideration and finishing tasks in a business partnership.
    15:49: 🤔 Two people discuss a grading scale and consider different financial options.
    Made using TammyAI

  13. You got the like because of the banter and I like you guys. I’m not into this strategy. 6 to midnight… it’s an inny, otherwise no

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