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    1. Losing bro, loose rhymes with goose. You’re gonna be way ahead in 3rd grade next year! Less time on yt, more time trying to not appear tarded!

  1. i liked videos with colonn 2 and odds but i play on european roulette and put 0/2 chip and the two zero street and it is jackpot when 0/2 win because i win colonn and even and sometimes i bet too irst dozen

  2. The part where I go wrong is that funny cash out button. I can never find it when I need it

  3. I managed a 2 week streak on craps making 200 a day and walking out. Lost on the 15th day and said oh well.

  4. Guy makes a $100 Challenge, wins the challenge the. Losses $80 of the profit true degenerate

  5. Imagine hitting any set of dozens or rows 10x straight starting with just $10 minimum outside bet. If my math is right $590,490. (Someone check my math). I doubt any casino would let you go more than 6 or 7 in a row. What’s the longest streak anyone’s ever seen or gotten. I’ve gotten 3 with 15minimum; seen an 8 streak but wasn’t betting.

  6. I wish bro wouldn’t do edits on short videos, you start with $100 but lose multiple rounds and screen magically has more money than what you started with.

  7. Your hopscotch method helps float while we wait for streets. Pressing is always good keep it up. Spend that house money. Wherr my comps 😂

  8. Thanks for sharing this roulette approach, the one method I have how to win with live roulette long-term is generally by keeping track of a dealers spin history and afterwards wagering on the hot zones based upon their previous outcomes. I am currently running a contest on my channel where I give away all of the profits I make during the course of that session or an annual free account on roulette calculators. It would definitely be excellent to see you there!

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