Triple Your Money with this Roulette Strategy || Cha Ching

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Triple Your Money with this Roulette Strategy || Cha Ching

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  1. From these videos I’m learning roulette is not the game for me.

    1. I’ve had great luck at the electronic machines doing the 3$ min bets in 50 cent bets. Once you get up a little you can increase your bets until you’re even, I only lose when I chase a number or get greedy. Most trips my wife loses in slots and I make up for it at the roulette. She started playing the last few times with what she has left and won last 4 times. It’s a lot of fun to have 3$ on a number and hit straight up and get another $100 to bet

    2. @I’m not Ben Avery i tried the tie fighter system last trip. $600 gone in 15 min. All good, wasn’t mad just a little stunned. One problem was the triple 0 wheel I played on. Zeros hit 2x in the first 3 rolls. Then 1 more time during my time there. Then the other walks hit 3x. It was all bad.

    3. @thomas train didn’t know until I watched a few more of their videos. I normally play a little craps and most of my time is spent in the poker room.

  2. Instead of the “Donks” it should be the “Cakes and Pies”.
    Alex: “What you betting today sir?”
    David: “Cakes and Pies”

  3. Live stream getting the grapefruit tattoo, while playing grapefruit strat’s, at the strat!

  4. So after watching all of these I’ve been taught to take whatever system has been submitted and play the opposite numbers. 😂

  5. They make me laugh, for 10 minutes about roulette. I enjoy the entertainment.

  6. They appeared a very smart, and transform that into lighthearted comedy.

  7. For David: NEVER bet the 5-number Top Line bet (0-00-1-2-3). Instead of betting $5 on the 5-number bet and winning $30 when you hit, you can bet $1 on each number and win $35 and lose $4 for a net gain of $31. The house edge on the 5-number bet is 7.89% as opposed to 5.26%.

  8. After 4 times at the Casino, I think I am going to give up on the “Double Street Martingale System”. I tried it today at the Casino on a roulette machine that spins the ball on an actual real big wheel. Played it to a T, and while I was up $71 at one point, it slowly took all my money away 🙁 Lost $100 there. I gotta learn to STOP and collect whatever money I have after like 10 spins. I tried to get my money back at a real table, and before I knew it, another hundred bucks was gone. Those damn Double Zeros, and 35 and 36, and 2 popping up drained my money down to nothing again.

    1. I have learned on the ETG wheels to look for the pattern. You can bet with your head or your heart.
      90% of the time you can read the 20 previous numbers and see how the ball is dropping.
      3 2nd 12 then a 1sr 12 / 3 2nd 12 then a 2nd 12 / so on.
      When it starts bouncing in a different rhythm sit out some spins until you recognize a pattern.

  9. can we get a CEGDS blooper reel or cut content? i think that would be hilarious! is that already available on patreon?

  10. My medium risk high reward strategy.

    $500 bankroll
    $1 unit each on your 10 favorite numbers.
    After 3 losses, add 1 unit to each number every loss until you hit.
    After 7 losses add 2 units each loss.
    Press 1 unit on wins for back to back action, always keeping your bankroll a number ending in 0 (550, 570, 580 etc)
    Reset to standard 10 units when you lose after a win.
    When you have say $586 from a win, press your numbers or add additional numbers on the table until loss with the $6 extra.
    After you are up $200 or more, switch to $2 units with your profit.
    At $500 profit, press higher units and ride it all the way up!

  11. I’ll do the $18 ($1 chip version) of this on an ETG this Sunday night let ya’ll know how it goes. I like it because of the jackpot numbers, not a fan of the minor whacks.
    You can literally modify this to be less pushes more bingo numbers by adding 1 unit to each corner bet though. It also reduces the minor whack amounts you lose a bit. But it makes the whole area of 8-11-14-17-20-23-26 in to nice payouts. I will probably try that instead of the base strategy. For those that don’t understand what I mean: $5 units, you’d do 3 units on every corner described in the original strat, then the splits are the same, 1 unit per. As a $1 unit bet, it’s $52 total bet, outside numbers pay +$2 (so everything outside the corners, plus 5 & 29 pay +$2), inside numbers of 11-14-17 pay +$92, 8 & 20 pay +$74, 23 & 26 pay +$56.

    You could also just remove the split-bets, for $5 units, it makes every inside number pay +$200, outside numbers pay +$20, the outer corners are -$70 so less than a half donk, slightly. For $1 units it’s a $32 bet, +$40 for middle hits, +$4 for outside hits, -$14 for the outside corners on both ends.

  12. I really enjoy ur videos but the sexual innuendos r slowly startin to ruin it for me, I think it would suit u guys to be more analytical and statistic driven, mixed with ur own personal experiences because roulette systems are the main reason people are clicking on the videos, plus I’m certain it will increase retention and subs, great work

  13. Try betting $100 even or odd, $100 black or red, $100 first half or second half of board. Then bet the 2-1 lanes (1-31 and 3-36) also at $100. Then take $500, bet corners equivalently within the 2nd numbers with $25 on 11,17,20,23.

  14. How many subs for Alex to get a durian face tattoo?

    Anyway, I think it’s an eggplant. Pretty much what Alex said, you’d be better off just picking four or five streets, plus this takes some time to set up.

  15. Even if you don’t like gambling the convo between y’all is always hilarious. Hope y’all get to 1million subs and beyond.

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