Top 10 🚀Biggest Slot Wins🚀 of 2023

Hampus and Kim have actually been up to no great this year. They have actually been betting and we are here to reveal you guys their greatest wins of 2023! Some of these came out of no place, while others were grinded out to the nth degree! Which among these wins was your favorite? which do you wish to see more/less of next year? Let us know in the remarks section below!

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No links that I utilize in stream or in comments are deal links. There are also some really essential guidelines to follow if you choose to gamble:

1. Don't think about betting as a method to earn money.
Betting needs to be seen as a form of home entertainment and even if you can win in the short run, the house constantly has an edge in the long term.

2. Just gamble with money you can manage to lose.

3. Set a money limit ahead of time.
It's simple to get carried away when playing, which is why you ought to set a limitation beforehand. This is easily carried out in your profile on a lot of establishments.

4. NEVER chase losses.
Chasing losses can be devastating. Machines/ establishment video games have no memory, so being unfortunate for a specific amount of games won't make you more likely to win further on. If you strike your limitations, you ought to constantly quit.

5. Take frequent breaks.
Breaks are important to not lose your point of view when playing.

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If you have any other concerns about accountable betting, you can constantly ask in chat.

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Top 10 🚀Biggest Wins🚀 of 2023

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  1. When the big wins hit nobody has the energy that hampus has have a great 2024 everyone ding ding 🔔🔔

  2. Insane slots wins this year guys, Good luck in 2024 and once again congrats on having a baby in 2024 Kim!

    1. Gotta say it was a swingy year, but it was a lot of fun! Lets make 2024 great!

  3. Congrats my man.. Happy new year all peoples community chat and all guest that was in live in 2023

  4. Been following this channel for half a decade and I would say that 2023 was the best year yet. The consistency of the streams, the banter with the audience and the overall content is top tier. By far the best real money gambling streamers in the world.


    1. You are a legend my man <3 Appreciate the support buddy! Up the horse! <3

  5. Always big wins when mortiz shows up 🤑 hampy biggest printer of 2023 by far 💯% biggest degen 🔥

    1. Taking into cosideration for next time!
      Luckily we’ve been lucky this year and Vegas was amazing to us so we ended in the green, however there was a lot of swings this year

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