This system just works! “Mid Night Tickler” Review

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This system just works! "Mid Night Tickler" Review

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    1. Yes, just make 3 $20 Double Street bets. You’re just betting $60 on 18 numbers. You could just bet it all on one of the Even Money bets, too. It doesn’t matter what the 18 numbers are.

    2. It was set that way for the optics. Also I believe in the splits in those double streets. They hit a lot more often in my experience.

  1. It’s the same if you put 60 on any of the 1:1 on the outside bottom… just more work lol

  2. Redundant and impotent.
    Why would you not just bet the double streets starting low?!?!
    Or better yet, go even money?
    Fun video tho 🙂

  3. Hitting any number pays even money just like any other (evenly distributed) 18 number bet. Why not just pick Red or Black instead? You could survive a lot longer because your Martingale starting bet could be much lower.

    1. Yep most of these systems can be narrowed down to just playing outside numbers at a fraction of the base bet. Of course that isn’t nearly as fun. Unfortunately it’s really difficult to find a single zero table but that is statistically the only thing that will narrow the house edge.

    2. I was going to comment this, but not necessarily so u can start with a smaller bet.

      First time me and my friend went to a casino, I had the bright idea to use what I thought would be a money printing system, bet $5 on red, if u lose, bet $10, and so on. At the time $80 for a night out was about the most either of us would want to spend, so I roped him into sharing our capital so we could have less chance of going broke on what I’d later find out was simply known as martingale-ing system.

      I think I was too chicken to lose more than $5 after our very first spin, so after the first 5 dollar loss, I just wanted our money back, after another 5 dollar loss, was a 10, 20, 40, and with fear in both our hearts I assured him there’s no way we could lose more than 5 (non reds) in a row…. he reluctantly agreed. And we both got our $80 back and vowed to never do that again, LOL.

      Pretty sure, a few laps around the casino and being introduced to blackjack, we left with more than what we came in with… memories of a fun evening, haha

  4. I like it, Peach for me I would just move the Dbl Streets all together starting from the middle dozen.

  5. Lucky Lauren it’s named for how surprisingly satisfying it is and it is great time when it is hitting just right. 😉 😜

  6. Bet $60 and win $60? So what you’re saying is I can just martingale an outside bet for the same odds?

  7. Lady boner.

    Confused peach maybe? There are a lot of whacks on the board, but it turned out well for you. I don’t know if I trust it fully, but I think it’s worth a shot.

    Also, you’d get the same payout if you moved the splits to the double street, correct?

  8. Oh Lauren if your really tired you might want to go to the doctor. You might have a condition called “Hariry cell leukemia” it is a rare desease. I had it and it makes you extremly tire. Thank god the doctors took care of me and I am doing fine now.

  9. This is my typical strategy but the double streets are different and I have a few hedge bets as well on corners for the streets I’m not on

  10. You are playing 18 out of 36 numbers, doubling your bet when you win… What does this remind me of? Oh yes, you could literally just bet 60 dollars on red/black even/odd or 1 to 18/19 to 36 and you would have exactly the same system, just with a lot less work.

  11. I used to buy “Midnight Ticklers” in the vending machine at the gas station bathroom.
    Oh, wait … I’m guessing that’s not what they meant.
    Definitely an uber clencher. You had some great hits, Lauren. I would start with dollar units to see if I have your same luck. Then maybe go up to $5’s-$10’s.

  12. ALL roulette systems work until they don’t

    Still like this strategy, I give it a cherry 🍒

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