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This Roulette Strategy Keeps Winning! || Easy Street

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  1. Doesn’t hit on a win or Wack?
    What if in 4 rolls the 1st & 2nd column hit but on the 5th roll the 3rd column hits but its a wack?

  2. What’s happened to the hole finder has he been hired by one of the big casinos

  3. Had a column go 22 spins without hitting…..wiped out my bank roll. It can happen.

    1. Came here to say the exact same thing. Finally saw a dozen go 22 times, wiped me out

    2. I play roulette every day for years and years now and i have seen even worse… i once rided out a streak on 2 dozens and it wend 41 times 1st and 2nd dozen so everybody who would have bet against that and would bet the 3rd dozen would have been destroyed. 2 weeks ago on a rng roulette wheel i was betting 1st and 2nd column and it won 19 times in a row so everybody who had played fibonacci on the 3rd column would have burned a bankroll.

      I always go with streaks and never bet against one because nothing is due at roulette. This gamblers fallacy have cost me and a lot of other people a lot of money, but i have learned from my rookie mistakes from the past hahaha

    3. Yes its true, what I did when its pass 7 row not hit just leave it and wait for other sequence. Cause if you just case it, i will waste and wipe your bankroll

  4. So, when you first (5:25)“pretended” the first column missed 5 times, the middle column ACTUALLY missed 5 times. @9:48 you would have had a $650 winning bet on 23.

  5. If I tracked and understood the system…Spin 7 started the Fibonacci sequence past on the 2nd column. Then on spin 14 you would have won and cashed out the Fibonacci portion

    Total profit $250

  6. Best comment of the video… Big stacks of chips will get you laid! A lot of truth there. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. So….if you lose once or twice on DSM, what do you do if 5 spins hasn’t happened to warrant the Fibonacci thing on the column?

  8. Yet another video where I’m watching & going “My strat would’ve worked great” lol

    The second column went 11 spins without hitting after the first spin (5) lol That woulda been rough for whoever was playing this system honestly.

    I am going to check & see if there’s a jank way to do “5x double street” on ETG, I have a feeling there is & you just have to do the bets weird… I.E. do 2 dozens then 1 split then 1 corner (to equal 5 double streets covered). I’ll investigate this Sunday night & report back.
    Reason to check that would be to ETG-version this system with $5 or $1 per double street for the cheapies out there.

  9. The second column did not hit for 12 times in a row. so You would have to bet $1050 on the 8th bet of Fibonacci on the second column to win. You better wait till 8-10 non hits on a column to make it safer and not risk over $1000

  10. The second column didn’t hit for 5 times but Alex bet the 1st instead. But ended up not hittin the second column for even more.

  11. And daddy David needs to check his math, $500 a day is closer to $200k not $100k, it’s actually $182,500.

  12. Meyer lansky used to say not to ever gamble, but if you do, play roulette, it was the most honest and the best odds

  13. Thanks for trying my system guys!!! Up $700 in a few mins looks good to me lol

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