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This one GREAT! || Suck the Luck

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  1. Why not just add an extra 5 on the columns then it won’t be pushy pushy you’ll actually get a return

    1. MODIFIED; change buy in to 600-700, change the 2 column bets to 90 each. now all black in the 2nd and 3rd columns win 30. all red in the 2nd and 3rd columns win 90. and u get ur PUSHY PUSHY on the color bet in the 1st column.. thus only 6 pushes vs 12 pushes. doing it this revised way using the same numbers done in video would have won an extra 210. happy hunting

    2. Not discussed but if a lot of push you could take away the color bet and apply it evenly to the column bets. The column bets would now be 75. This would make any number in the top two rows net 45 while str up bets now push. Not as big of a fan but it is an option.

  2. “Anti climatic like a keno win” Sounds like david hasn’t been handpaid in a while.

  3. Guess I’ll say it for you guys:

    David: And then uh off to Keno… uh unwind

    Dennis: Well th- well the truth is….

  4. MODIFIED; change buy in to 600-700, change the 2 column bets to 90 each. now all black in the 2nd and 3rd columns win 30. all red in the 2nd and 3rd columns win 90. and u get ur PUSHY PUSHY on the color bet in the 1st column.. thus only 6 pushes vs 12 pushes. doing it this revised way using the same numbers done in video would have won an extra 210. happy hunting

    1. then when donk shows up, is it still possible to recoup the money in 3 wins?

    2. @@buraktezcan2307 there r no perfect systems for roulette. the house has the edge. the way it is in the video u could recover in 3 wins either. u want to recover with this modified u could martingale it one level. then recover in 2 wins. roulette is a game u get in and out quick so if u can catch the right wave so be it.

    3. Not so… yes it would help the columns bet but if you get red on the bottom column you only get a total of $210 while risking $240 doing it your way. So top column bets increase pay, but if it hits bottom column you either wack or lose $30

    4. @vampstriss I like this mod! 12 juicy 90 wins and 12 other 30 wins. Push only 6 numbers.

      My mod for too many push is remove color bet and apply evenly to the column bets making them now 75 each. Now 24 upper row numbers net 45 and the str ups now push. Keeps total bet at 180.

      Agree every system will get whack but this particular system I don’t recommend martingale. I’ve looked into it and it acts like scratch off tickets just digging deeper and deeper in the hole.

  5. 🔥🍑 Thanks for the great review guys! That was definitely a perfect streak of numbers for this system. This system was created on a CEG roulette mat messing around with payouts. ❤

  6. This on single 0 at the plaza….

    Would love for you guys to run this on etg as well

  7. I am confused, it looks like he has $5 on the individual red numbers for example , $30 on red, and 30 on the 2nd & 3rd columns. When I run this on my roulette app I don’t get a $60 win on red in the first column, nor do I get a breakeven if I hit either red or black if the 2nd or 3rd column hit. What did I miss? Thanks

  8. Grapefruit! And even some action with alternating colors and donks. I really see potential, will try

  9. I like this system and will definitely will try next time in casino. Thank you guys for your hard work. You make great videos 👍

  10. Am i wrong… if they would have played this as a couple’s strategy and played the opposite colors of each other and made the correct bets for their respective colors, would they both be winners? I mean with all.the pushing that took place, it could be a possibility that they both could’ve hit a few winning numbers and just had the rest as pushes, right?

  11. Quarter table players:
    25 str up, 150 on color, and 300 each column. Total bet 900 Net 300 on color repeats.

    Tried this with one bullet and hit 1st spin and whacked second spin. Walked -600. I’ll try again my next trip to Vegas hopefully on single zero.

  12. Maybe a backdrop behind you guys to hide the interior of the home. You could even advertise on it. Just a thought.

  13. nice system but I’m confused on the payout on how you’re winning 60$ if u hit the 1 unit “$5” bet on a single number. I know the total bet is $180 and u push on the 2/rd columns.. If u do hit the single number that is $175 + the $30 for the color = $205. Wouldn’t that be a 25$ winning on each spin if a single number hits?? am i missing something?

    1. if the single number ur talking about is 1st column, then the math is 180 for the 5 bet and 60 for the red bet. = 240 // u bet 30 on red u get 60 when u include ur bet of 30. so 240 – 180 = 60

    2. @@vampstriss i get that. I’m just talking about the profit. The profit when u hit the single number 1st column should be +25 because u are getting your 5$ back from the single number and $30 from the color bet

    3. Your math was close DJ. You originally said $175 + $30 for color which is $205 but you still have the $5 on the str up and $30 on the color to add to that total which would make it $240. Now set the $180 bet up again and you’ll have $60 left over.

  14. I like riding with what color hit, I’ve seen runs as a dealer where I hit over 20 blacks or reds in a row, so something like this would make great money cause you’re riding with the streak

  15. I started with Modified Tie Fighter then did this system. Played nearly 20 minutes with getting two donks. Cashed for $200+. Made 2 mistakes, forgot to put 6 single bets in first column but 2nd column won. Then I put put $30 bet on 2nd dozen instead of black/red but again 17 hit so got paid on 2nd dozen n 2nd column. Good system, the dealer even liked it.

  16. 8 donks, three hits to cover one donk is not horrible. This could be a play all day system

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