“This is the Best Comping Roulette Strategy”|| Crane Game

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"This is the Best Comping Roulette Strategy"|| Crane Game

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  1. Posted less than an hour ago and I am already watching. Do I have a gambling problem? 🙃

    1. In fact you have a strategy problem, you find yourself addicted to creating and learning strategies, people that also have this problem are usually world leaders and generals of large armies, be careful, you might find yourself in politics one day and that is a gamble in itself!

  2. The six and nine are partial donks, DD.
    Soon as I said it, there it is 🙄

  3. I noticed that if you’d have bet 30 on the first twelve and put your jackpot bets on the second twelve, you’d have done so much better !!

    1. You’re right I rather place $30 on the first 12 then 2nd 12 myself. I feel like higher numbers hit more frequently so that would be the only adjustment I would make too. Just play the hot section to get the most out of this systme.

  4. wait isn’t this the same video you posted a year ago? Titled: GREAT! “Green Elimination” Roulette System Review

  5. 3 units in 2 dozens each, 3 units on 3 streets in the remaining dozen. Breakeven on the dozens, win 3 units on the streets. Good for comps, low risk. Modification would be to place 2 corners of the remaining dozen rather than 3 streets. For one more donk, you win 1 unit each spin

  6. Just remove the two $5 bets and its Romanovski. I’d rather win $10 on every hit and just remove the “mini whacks” than push 65% of the time. Same number of whacks.

    1. @Wherescam1  There are no streets. It’s 2 3rds and 2 squares. 8 units. Pays 9 units. 6 whacks. All this does is take the potential $10 win (if betting $10 units) from the two dozens and makes 2 numbers a 1/2 whack and 4 numbers a jackpot.

      Do you want 4 winning numbers and 24 pushes with 4 whacks and 2 1/2 whacks. Or 32 winning numbers and 6 whacks?

      Same loosing % either way.

    2. @Wherescam1 basically leave the two $10 bets and take away the $5 bets.

    3. @Wherescam1  3 units each on two dozens. One unit on two squares in 3rd dozen. Leaves 0, 00, and 4 numbers in third dozen uncovered. Same thing as this, but without the two extra $5 bets.

      You could still place the middle square bet for 4 chances at a “jackpot” while winning $5 on the the other hits. I just don’t think the $5 hedge to create 2 mini-whacks is worth it at the expense of turning 28 wins into pushes.

  7. I hate when daddy Denis doesn’t put a little something on the partial wacks and they both get donked.

  8. Played Mod-Tai fighter this weekend got 0-00 twice in a row an lost my black Jack winnings 😂 and walked, it was on princess cruises they have 3 greens fyi so stay away

  9. I’d say plum. I don’t think it’s a bad system per se, but I don’t think it’s that great either. However, it is DTF, it’ll keep you around long enough to collect drinks, and you have a decent average bet.

    The problem is that you really need to hit the jackpots multiple times or else you’re not making money. Grinding back from a loss is tough.

  10. So we’re clear.. it’s C-R-A-N-E G-R-A-M-E??? ….. Love you guys. Keep up the good work.

  11. This system does not look good to me. Might as well play Romanovsky system as its very similiar, but more chance of making profit. Just take off the 2x £5 chips to make £80 bet and profit £10 on each hit. On this system, you get push most of the time or get partial loss or total whack. Not much chance of getting a number to give profit.

    1. Agreed. Romanovsky system is just a superior version of this. It’s usually my go-to, alongside Martingale. I can either play for a long time and get drinks or I can cash out when i’m up $200.

  12. I just submitted a system on another video and then found this one. I tried combining the 2 and it works pretty well. the benefit being, you get a $5 profit instead of a push. It is set up slightly different. Instead of playing the 2nd and 3rd, you play the first and third and set up the jackpot in the middle. Then from there, add $10 to the 1st and drop $15 on the 19 to 36.

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