This is a Roulette Strategy || Columns and Dozen slow grind

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This is a Roulette Strategy || Columns and Dozen slow grind

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  1. I just cover 28 numbers straight up and try to hit 10 in a row, and leave. I learned that the game is best when played on straight up numbers ONLY and to just cover a lot of them. Straight up bets pay the most, and betting dozens gives the same exact return as betting 1 chip on every number in the dozen so its also a good bet. I just don’t like having so many donks, because that’s when you get wiped. Pick 28 numbers and you should win MOST spins and be able to get out with decent profits.

    I like to wait until my donks hit until I get onto the table. I know repeats are possible, but I think they are less likely to happen than happening. I wait for a couple numbers I don’t bet on hit, then i hop in and try to hit a couple and get out.

    The casino I go to is annoying, and will randomly only allow $5 chips instead of singles, so If I still decide to play, Ill do 12 splits, and 4 straight ups.

    1. I do the same thing! Except my casino only allows me to pick 25 numbers. I still win most of the time.

  2. I played this the other day and got from £200 to £1000 so I’m up for the month

  3. Be a real winner. Next time playing roulette. Play 1 dollar on each number called by everyone on the table. Include the dealer. Good luck!

  4. Way to aggressive way too fast with the betting. Would need a $10,000 buy in and still have a good chance of losing it

  5. I do smilar system with 2 dozens.

    Pick1: Chase the previous dozen
    Pick2: dozen that haven’t came out the most

    Betting.. start 1unit for both dozens.

    After 5 misses of pick2 dozen,
    pick1: (1unit)+(1unit)
    pick2: (pick1 bet) x2 – (1unit)

    Then instead of martingale, pick1 bet keep increasing by 1unit until you hit the pick2 dozen, reset to betting 1unit

    I applogize if my explanation is confusing..

  6. As so called ex roulette dealers you know you can hit any number you want so stop making out😂

  7. Don’t need pen and paper. Every casino I’ve been in has a screen next to the wheel that shows the previous numbers.

  8. I’ve been doing this but chase the last two dozens/columns hits to get those runs, and avoid the sleeping groups

  9. The best grind is the 24/8 method. Also a better method than this that pays out the same is pick 1-18 or 19-36 with 2 connected dozens. Example 1-18 and dozens 1&2 or 19-36 and dozens 2&3.

  10. Whats funny, I’ve tried all your systems with real play. This is the only one I’ve made money with. But I play it a lot differently. $5 starting bet size only needs a $210 bankroll. And you bail at 3 spins. With a $1500 bankroll I’d be playing minimum $25 units with a $100 walk away per session, with 3-4 sessions. I’d also play only 1st and 3rd dozen on American roulette wheel. On European, I play follow the leader.

  11. Roulette is the impossible game. It is built perfectly to never find a system. I’ve spent 2 years studying it and there is nothing lol

    1. “Invisible friend” modified double grapefruit, Buy in $4660, play as if you were two people by using fibonacci system to bet 1 on dozens and bet 1 on a column. Jackpot hit is the 4 numbers that overlap, feel free to move both dozen/column afterwards. Only move unit bet if the column or dozen hits, and only both if it hits jackpot. Follow the streak of numbers that dont hit to increase your odds of 13 misses in a row. Goodluck

    2. @@Cartsjr So lets say the dozen hits but the column doesnt, do you fib up the column and keep the dozen the same?

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