The worst thing to do on roulette “Triple Romanowski” Review

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The worst thing to do on roulette "Triple Romanowski" Review

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  1. Do the OPP roulette system (Other People’s Ploppy) submitted a long time ago

  2. Wouldn’t it make more sense to put the column unit on the 2nd column instead of the 3rd? The 2nd column has 4 jackpot values whereas the 1st or 3rd only has 2 jackpot values each.

    1. I am not disagreeing with you, but I think the idea behind the 3rd column is so, you eliminate as many red losses as possible.
      So on the last column you get rid of 8 total losers as opposed to only 4 in the middle.

  3. Four wins against six and then… don’t even have to think about it 🤣

  4. The modification I would make to this system is keep it the same but when you go 5x martingale move the 2 to 1 row bet to the middle to cover more black. I still think this is a bad system though

    1. Or if you’re going to bet on Black Odd, just move the other unit to the middle 2 to 1, who wants to bet on a loser black street??

  5. Finally, an honest rating from you all. Lol. I know you don’t want to hate on anyone but that’s definitely a durian. As you were talking about this system being for someone who had alot of time to kill, you all barely made the 10 minute mark. Lol. Love you guys and appreciate all the insightful videos. 👍👍

  6. >>>SUPER DTF<<< 3 chips! An easy afternoon killer. But when you add all the 5X Martingaling ... this is a stinky, rotting Durian, sitting on a pile of poop in the desert sun. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

  7. as much as i like the winning systems, its good to know what doesn’t work.

  8. I honestly believe that i’ve submitted much better systems than this one, the thing is they would be more suitable to ETG, and an analysis of the four past spins is a sine qua non condition to make them work.

    1. I just want to point out that expecting 6 consecutive hits is reasonable with that much coverage, but i’ve to say also that the partial “whacks” are an considerable handicap. The Romanosky with 2 Dozens and 2 Corners is better, i reckon.

    2. Nobody likes to see one of his submitted systems be rated as one of the worst ever putted to the test, but i would like to thank you anyway. This make me wonder if you could give it another go, but, instead of the ” Harakiri” that arises from the 5x Martingale, follow an approach in the lines of Martingale Lover, not doubling up, just adding 1 unit to the previous losing bets and bring it down to the 3 units initial bet, if 15 or 33 do hit.

  9. Beginners question which system has the highest winning percentage or most consistent in your opinion?

  10. There are 10 Bkack evens so it is unwise to bet odd and black together. And I agree using middle column because it has 8 blacks

  11. Mirror play for this Durian. Complete bust for CEG. Me, your numbers my strategy up a + 550. In general your submitters have no clue how to win.

  12. What’s the logic in waiting five turns to 5x Martingale? Wouldn’t it be better to just Martingale immediately after a whack?

    But other than the 5x whacking you, the other problem is that even on your wins, you’re still losing a unit.

    1. Triple Martingale after a whack would be my choice, based on the ratio Whack_numbers/Jackpot_numbers of 3 to 1.

  13. Have you heard of the Gemini project??? I’m going to be one of the surveyors laying it out…. Y’all will be seeing me for sure

  14. Before I could do any math, this system looked bad, and it proved that it was bad.

  15. There’s a system with 32 numbers covered that you, gamblers out there, may find more amusing, played as follows:
    27 units on Even; 3 units on Split 00/3; 3 units on split 0/1; 2 units Straight up bets on numbers 5, 7, 11, 15, 17, 19, 23, 27, 29, 31.
    This way you end up with 22 numbers returning 1 unit and 10 numbers returning 19 units.
    After a hit on one of the 10 numbers delivering 19 units, risk those in a Split bet of your choice, for the next spin. If you get lucky to win that bet with 1/19 probability, you secure a nice profit of 323 units.
    A safer approach would be to only risk on the Split bet after two consecutive hits on the 10 numbers that really matter.

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