The Rules of 8 Ball Pool (Eight Ball Pool) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the of 8 Ball Pool – a popular table game from the USA.
This is a newbie's explanation of 8 Ball .
View this brief video tutorial guide on play 8 Ball under World .
Discover sinking, loss of frame, solids spots and stripes, , eight ball and more!

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Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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The of 8 Ball Pool (Eight Ball Pool) – EXPLAINED!

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  1. Great example for eightball and great choice of video of Chinese 8 Ball between Gareth Potts and Shi Hanqing. Great video.

    1. +Thomas Heal Thanks Thomas – this was a great match, but Gareth Potts showed why he’s one of the best. Thanks for stopping by, be sure to share this video and subscribe 🙂

    2. +Ninh Ly I shared this one. I am going to share your Snooker and 9 Ball videos as well.

  2. Great explanation . More details on how to become better at each game , such as posture etc would be awesome !

    1. +IluvHKong Ummm, I think there’s quite a few videos that explains pool and snooker technique on YouTube already? Be sure to share this video and subscribe 🙂

  3. Quick question Mr. Ly, when it comes to pocketing the 8-ball, once a pocket is called, what happens if you do not pocket the eight ball, and is the pocket-call still in effect or can you pick another pocket on your next turn?

    1. you can call another pocket also the ball remains in play so whoever youre playing against can’t hand move it

  4. Damn, seems I’ve played by different rules all my life. What’s strange about that is that the rules I’ve played by seems to be universally agreed upon everywhere I’ve played (within my country).

    1. There are a lot of sets of rules, if it is the rules when you have 2 shots on a foul then it is the wepg, this guy explained the wpa rules, you also have american standardized rules and bca rules

    2. You wouldn’t believe by how many different sets of rules people play.. In my country whenever I go to play 8ball on different places with different people, I play by different rules 🙂

  5. Very good and understandable video! Thank you for sharing! Maybe it seems a stupid question, but.. is the pool the same as billiard?

  6. As enjoyable as this game is, I often find myself wishing this wasn’t the only version people around me knew how to play.

    1. Just show them my videos on the other kinds of pool. 9 ball is easy enough to understand.
      But yeah, I feel your pain. A lot of my friends only know blackball rules.

  7. Perfect presentation. Ta for taking the time to show us. I will refer to your vid whenever anyone has any issues with the rules of the game.

    1. Cool, glad this video helped you out. Be sure to check out my channel for more like this!

  8. Good video and well explained and edited!, I wanted to know how to play 9 ball and your other video was just as helpful and not stretched out for no reason. Respect for the information pal

    1. Cool, glad you like my pool videos!
      Subscribe and check out my channel for more content like this 🙂

  9. I’m only watching this so I could prove to my buddy that I won, thank you for the clarification

    1. You’re welcome Clara, glad this video helps.
      Check out my channel for more content like this 🙂

  10. @1:05 It is not according to the WPA rules that you must continue with the same kind after you pocket a ball at the opening. The opening shot is not a call shot, i.e. the table remains “open”.

    1. He didn’t say when you hit a ball at the break or “opening” but good point

    2. @Andres Alvarado Lizano he didn’t clarify this either, I was looking at comments for this

  11. I loved playing this as a kid. Although it would mostly be myself and I’d try to sink all the balls before the 8 ball. Fun times

    1. So if you played all by “youself” would you….. beat yourself for “a win”

  12. Interesting…. I thought that pool was the same everywhere, but now I’ve only just realised that I’ve been playing a variation of English pool my whole life, and the people I played with pretty much all agreed on the rules, and so I wonder if there’s actually a name for the variation, as there’s a rule or two that don’t seem to exist in either 8 ball pool or English Pool

  13. The one thing that I had always done differently (how I was taught) was that it’s okay to sink the opponents ball so long as you don’t hit their ball first. So if you hit your ball, then their ball is sunk that’s alright (in the rules I knew). Here they say that if you sink an opponents ball in any way it’s a foul, which is probably a good rule really haha

    1. I guess those are blackball rules where the game is more lenient allowing “trick shots” and a more fast pace game play where instead of fouls the opponent is awarded 2 shots.

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