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The Best Roulette Strategy of 2024 || D1C

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  1. Alex and papa DavidπŸŽ‰β€πŸ˜Šthanks for teaching me to play roulette….

  2. Silly as this may sound. I stay in Scotland. All we have is roulette,poker , black jack and a few other wee games plus Casio’s ain’t that big. I’m not a big gambler and just the average guy earning the average wage. So me and my wife go to casino once maybe twice a month. Nothing special we play with Β£100-Β£150 max each then home time if no luck. We ain’t winning big as not got the berries to put all money on black or red πŸ˜‚. But silly as it may sound I put Β£1 on every number apart from 0,5,8,17,20,29,32. So Β£30 max bet to win Β£6. Alot for small return. But if goes well and don’t mind a hard boring shift. I almost tripled my money in just under 2 hrs then I got bored and went home. That was with me starting with Β£100 and I got a record of 37 hits in a row. It worked for me and was happy but bored. Just thought I share. πŸ˜‚


  4. I play for the last 4 weeks on 2 collums without Jackpot, just Press for 2 Times and then reset

  5. I realized after many trips, and lost dollars, to the casino that baccarat is a better game than roulette. You need a bigger bank roll and more patience but the chances of walking away with money is greater.

    1. whats your strat, im new to it but i like it and dont have any reliable ways to play as of now. Ive seen martingale that follows this pattern : P, B, P, P , B , B and go to start after a win

    2. @@Tyler-we6jv martingale is dangerous, in any casino game. The secret to any gambling is money management. Set a winning and losing $$$ amount, and stick to it, before you even sit down at a table. I like no mirror +1/-1.

    3. @@Tyler-we6jvI used to like that until I saw it almost every shoe one day.

      I might go back to trying it but for now, I wait for two or more of one side then bet the opposite for 6 spins. If it goes on a run of 8+ then I walk away, if not, I usually win.

      I’ve found in a shoe, runs of 6+ happen maybe once or twice out of the 60 hands

  6. whats the longest dozen whacks in a roe – witnessed 21 last – 21 spins and no top dozen

  7. Peach. It’s low-risk, decent-reward with enough winning numbers. Also can work as a couples system.

  8. i hate that new wheel – the damn ball skips over so many numbers before stopping…..nerve racking!

  9. 0:00: πŸ’» Cutting-edge virtual private network with global access, encryption, and streaming compatibility.
    3:23: 🎲 Discussion about consecutive black numbers in roulette, followed by a surprising and unconventional gift received during Co.
    6:33: πŸ’° Excitement over potential jackpot winnings leads to increased betting and confidence in strategy.
    10:25: 🎲 High-stakes roulette strategy discussed with excitement and confidence in a casino setting.
    13:04: πŸ’° High-stakes roulette strategy being implemented with increasing bets to maximize potential winnings.

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