“Stop Losing on Roulette with my Strategy”

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"Stop Losing on Roulette with my Strategy"

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  1. Load up on 1 number (all splits and corner bets) then 3 numbers each direction on the wheel from the number that just hit and $10 on 0/00 split
    If you lose 3times in a row martaingale

    1. Here’s the breakdown…

      Using the last number that hit, completely surround it with $5 bets. Then bet $5 on each of the three numbers on each side of that same number on the wheel. Ben $10 on 0/00. If one of the surrounding numbers is 0 or 00, add an additional surrounding number since one is already covered.

    2. i don’t think this is actually a system. rolls are random. this is luck. this is a guess. this is the lottery.

  2. Dependent on clock-speed of wheel, dealer flick of the ball, & release point statistically this is the way to go. It’s why ball size might get changed if you start actually winning with it. Gotta find a dealer who understands their tips are usually based off of players winnings and who understands timing. 🙂

  3. You could cut the buy in 50% and not scare the spouse. If you lose 3-4 times in a row then just walk. You’re average bet was between 60-70 bucks. So why buy in for 1400??? Just saying.

  4. The hardest part about this system would be learning the numbers on the wheel. It sounds similar to how I’ve heard people describe European roulette betting. RIP Dennis

    1. I believe you are allowed to have a printout that can be reviewed at the table. You definitely cannot look at your phone though.

  5. Would love to see a live version of a system so people can comment and ask questions.

  6. $2195 – $1400 means Alex was up $795 at the end, not ‘almost $700’ as he stated.

    For 03:22. It’s $5 Straight up, $15 in Splits, $5 in Corner bets (2/3/5/6), and $5 on the “trio” of 00/2/3.
    That should get you 35×5 + 17×15 + 8×5 + 11×5 = 525, but then you lose $40 from the other bets that lose. The net win should be $485, but the video says $470.

    1. Hahaha they should fired the other guy he should not play while the other guy teaching us ! He try confused the audience hahaha

  7. This is the system I play in my head on the drive home when I lose and reflect on the dealer screwing me over. Grapefruit.

  8. To be honest, when I submitted this system I didnt think you guys would actually play it😅 thanks for the grapefruit Daddy David🙌🏻

  9. I’m not totally convinced, however it does work out if you hit the jackpot at least once.

  10. This will only work with a rhythm thrower… if the floor or pit is around this won’t work unless they like you a lot. In fact if you use this after the ball is spinning place a hedge bet on the opposite three of the last number… Again, they must be a rhythm thrower with intent .. if they like you, take advantage and tip well… The cleaning staff and waitress too… It helps.

    If not a rhythm roller good luck but try any other system .. don’t believe me, amazing how the hand model hits repeaters when needed… I know many croupiers that can do it or get damn close.

    Protip of the day, when they release ball from the same place with the same force it will often be a neighboring number from release point or complete opposite on the wheel… If with random force or not same release point… Good luck, could be anywhere, but pay attention to detail and mood of the Floor and croupier spinning; why, because if too much money going out you need a different strategy, maybe two overlapping 🙂

  11. Watched this video thought I’d try it on sims thinking okay let the wheel pick a number then I’ll start betting from there the starting number was only 27😂😂 deniss knows folks deniss knows 😂

  12. Odds of the same number coming twice in a row is 1/1369 or simply 0.07%. You are better off loading on a different number than the one that came last.

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