Slow and steady wins the race! “DTF” Roulette system review

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Slow and steady wins the race! "DTF" Roulette system review

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  1. This is a plum. If it doesn’t hit 16-21, then you’re not making any money especially if you martingale which is extremely dangerous.

  2. Hmm… like it! I’ve noticed some ETGs won’t allow certain bets though. I’ve tried to bet on 5 double streets and it won’t allow it. I hope it would allow this.

  3. Now that is what I’m talking about. First ever Grapefruit status video for me. Big shoutout to CEG/CQ Discord community for helping stress test this one before submitting. Alex Kim Ruined My Life!!!!

  4. So you Martingale’d on the first loss, but when explaining you said it started on the second loss. Maybe that’s why Alex Kim Ruined My Life.

    1. It’s a system that can be played straight the way they did or played the way it is explained. It literally is for COMPs only. Zero or very a small amount of gains or loses depending on one’s luck. But if you want more risk play it this way.

  5. Hello Arex and welcome to la familia Freddy. yea this is a grapefruit. definite slow and steady wins the race.

  6. Alex Kim ruined my life…until he gave me the mod tie fighter. Straight Grapefruit!

  7. Alex, I had quick question about betting $50 on the double street. Wouldn’t it be better to bet $25 on each of those streets to get 11 to 1 odds ($275) instead of $50 on double street at 5 to 1 ($250)? or is the payout different than what I thought? Love the videos bro!! Played 24+8 on a cruise ship and at Rio and did pretty well!

    1. This system suggests $50 on the dbl streets, but of course you could bet $25 of to boost your odds. Let us know how it goes and Quit braggin about the cruise ship lol. kidding

  8. Is advantageous to use mid section for 50 dollar street cause of grouping on wheel or go ahead and modify? I.e. 60 1st 12 & 2nd 12 and then 50 28/31 double street…. ? Thanks

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