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Print Money with This Roulette Strategy || Naughty Neighbors

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    1. @Brittie Businessit was, limited run. They have a few left in the store

  1. Interesting vid. I am in the process of going thru all your vids with recorded spin results and checking what happens using the “Follow the Wheel” system with a little tweak, i.e. waiting until one of the 12 donks show up prior to wagering the $130 and then when it hits take down the bets and play an even money spot minimum until another donk number pops up. My line of reasoning is two donks in a row are very rare. P.S. Got 281 vids to go thru so far, luckily I’m a retired old fart with plenty of time to waste. lol!

    1. I already have all their spins recorded from the past 18 months or so on my site.

  2. You can remove 6 of the Double Streets and you’ll have the same payouts for EVERY SINGLE NUMBER, and you’ll save $300 when 0 and 00 hit.
    Removing 6 Double Streets you end up with Double Street Martingale.

  3. You had me at Martingale. Here “insert casino name” here is all my money please give me a buffet coupon.

  4. Megaman wants his casino theme song back.
    I think Stardew Valley as well.

    Sorry… Sonic. Not Megaman. I’m stupid. I knew it was Sonic too since I called out the casino theme.

  5. Roulette is very unpredictable game .
    The more number you bet on , the more chance of losing your bankroll, coz it’s difficult to recover your losses

  6. This equates to 150 on each dozen, so they cancel out. Might as well play 50 on the connecting double streets between the dozens.

    1. Not really, because they make $50 if they hit 4 to 33 and they lose partially on 1 to 3 and 34 to 36. 150 on each dozen breaks even.

  7. You can’t bet 36 numbers and come away ahead in Roulette. Hell you can’t realistically bet 32 numbers and come away ahead in Roulette. 30 Regular Double Street Martingale barely has any winnings per play, and you have to know when to walk away playing it. 3 or 4 zonks in a row, and you are too far behind to come back…Especially at Casinos with a $100 or $200 bet limit. That is why I establish a 12 spin total Maximum when I play Roulette. Either that or walk after I have hit 5 times in a row. Not losing anything for 5 spins is a good time to quit while ahead!

  8. Well … The comps would nearly be Villa-worthy … _IF_ you could keep it up for several hours. My guess would be a 10K buy-in would be more realistic to even attempt it. Still, it would be a fool-hearty venture and stinky Durian when compared with other more affordable systems. But … *don’t forget* … if you play this on a _TRIPLE-ZERO_ wheel … there are *_MORE_* ways to win! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜›

  9. My neighbour leaves the curtain open on purpose…she’s only 82 yrs old…from the Monty Python movie…”run away,….run away”

  10. hit it 2x a day every day, without losing and make over 100k a year…losses are a big setback though! 5.5 days to recover the loss. nearly a week. theres lower buy in systems to make 300 a day though!

  11. This system makes no sense. It’s the same payouts and losses as 5 double streets but it has an extra 6 unit loss on 0/00. If playing in real life, you can bet 2 units on two dozens and then 1 unit on an additional double street to simplify the bets and have these odds of winning.

  12. what a weird way not to lose…. if you have to bet 36 numbers playing roulette there’s a problem, its simple pick 12 numbers and play them unstop eventually it will come out motto is the 3.3 rule. $300 up or down or 3 hrs leave when whichever one comes first.

  13. I think I may have a good stretegy for lightning roulette. Simply bet each number on either 1-18 or 19-36 and then bet straight on the 19-36 box or the 1-18 box with a bet that matches the total bet on the individual numbers. It has a single zero and that is your only whammy. You have a significantly higher chance to hit a lightning number than to be whacked by the zero.

  14. i’m starting to think that whatever the system you should play the dunks, cuz almost every video David win money playing the dunks lol

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