Play For 5 Hour with Out Losing! (Roulette Strategy) || Suck My Luck

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Play For 5 Hour with Out Losing! (Roulette Strategy) || Suck My Luck

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  1. I wonder what the rating would have been if it was paid out correctly….

    1. I guess we’ll never know… I gotta be honest. The quality of these videos has been deteriorating rapidly over the past couple of weeks. Whoever is doing the graphics and editing has really been dropping the ball and now the guys literally screw up an entire strategy and they couldn’t be bothered to re-record a 10 minute video and do it the correct way. I’m having a really bad feeling that these guys are either getting tired of doing these videos or something is going on. Because the quality of this channel and these videos specifically has been getting worse over the past few weeks.
      I miss the days with Timmy and Lauren back in the beginning when I first started watching them.
      Something just doesn’t seem right.

    2. So why didn’t they payout the black 31? Should’ve gotten paid something on that

  2. We’ll be there November 10 th to try this strategy at the strat and Plaza

    1. Good Luck! Wasn’t discussed but my walk away is +500 or <360. Usually if over 500 I just ride it out until the next wack! 😊

  3. I suggest you redo this strategy with the correct payouts to see what the real rating would be

    1. I went back and counted all 22 spins (10 push, 10 wins, 2 losses = +$80 overall). Here is an extra stat to take into consideration, this video was about 8 minutes of gambling which means I’m 1 hour you could make about $480.00. Of course that is if you don’t have a blabbering buffoon next to you the whole time distracting you.

  4. ***My strategy*** Actually you would have won money if played correctly. Thanks for the review anyways. After 0/00 you repeat the color bet you were on.

    0 -360
    00 -360

    11 wins = +880
    2 losers = -720
    Total up +160

    Sad to see “Suck My Luck” receive an eggplant.

    I’ve got a martingale way to play this strategy if any of you fellow degens want me to submit.

    1. It’s my take on their most popular strategy 24+8 with a twist due to the color bet.

  5. Those curious about payouts, the structure is risking 36 units to win 8 on 18 numbers, push on 14, and full whack on 5 numbers (single 0) or 6 numbers (double 0) – a pretty good comp system for sure, 5 hits gets you out of a whack.

    1. I think 5 double streets is a much better system if you’re going for this type of bet. To compare, 35 units to win 7 units, 30 numbers win, no pushes, and 6 whacks plus 0/00. 5 wins to even after a whack vs 4, but with no pushes recovery in fewer actual spins is likely.

    2. @@brentl7437 Thanks, what is the 5 double streets? Sounds nice! If you get one of the 5 wacks do you raise a unit to recuperate the loss?

    3. ​@@pedrocuviLEPraise 4x for second hand & 3x for the third . All about the gains . Always .

    1. Boooooiiiiinnnggg!!!!! Midnight. You’ll have to figure out the rest 😐

  6. How embarrassing with so many mistakes. Way to teach people the correct way to play and get paid 😉. Almost as bad as when the “Slot Lady” started playing table games and the dealer either misplayed a hand or didn’t pay a winning hand when she was supposed to. Viewers watching live would bring it to her attention in the live chat and Slot Lady would be like, “Oh, it’s ok.” Well, no, it’s not. Especially for those that don’t understand the game and are learning, or that you need to know you can speak up and challenge the way the hand was played or to say you won the hand and shouldn’t have lost your bet, but you should be paid for your win!

    1. Yeah, I was shooting for peach or higher with this system. Glad you liked it!!

  7. I was thinking the same thing. What would the rating be knowing that he ended even?

  8. The 24/8 system is better because it has 4 numbers compared to these 6 numbers to get wacked. This system reminds me of a modified Double Street.

  9. i play the system like this: (single 0 wheel) $10,- on 0, $20,- on i.e. black, $10,- each on the i.e. black numbers in the middle column and $120,- on both other columns. This gives you 4 totall whacks, 15x $10,- wins and 18x $50,- wins. So no push 😃

    1. Hope to see you break this system down. If 0/00 happens, just repeat the bet you were on. All color repeaters win 80. GL!

  10. Thanks for the newest system to add to my roster . Keep them coming ! Need more inside plans

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