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  1. I’ve been retired since 2020 and thought I would be bored. I’m not, I do what I want, when I want. How can that be boring?

  2. Can’t wait until you guys call the bets you make by the terms that they have been HISTORICALLY called. What you call a double street is and has been ALWAYS called a line bet. So instead of 4/7 double street it should be called 4/7 line bet. See the line you are placing the bet on? Get it LINE BET.

    1. Mmmm nahh streets and double streets sounds better. Line bet seems more a craps table terminology.

  3. Wait a minute. Is it Denis or Jet doing the editing? I give this one four pieces of deep fried Cod; no chips.

  4. Is that the music from Cuphead “Inkwell Isle One” during the AD read lol but love the vids!

  5. I love how they roast Freddie for fucking up the math and then they do, lol🤣

  6. hey poppa david, just letting you know homie that the chance of hitting a 50/50 chance 6 times in a row, followed by a 1/3 chance 3 times in a row leaves you at a 0.06% chance of completing your system! GOODLUCK but I would be willing to bet my life that you’d never get it even if you sat there and constantly used that system for the next year!

  7. This system has 5 whacks, but 9 ways to lose. You lose $120 on 13, 15, 19, and 21.
    12 pushes.

  8. Love the new editing you guys are doing, great idea to stay relevant and grow the channel

  9. I’m from England and fish and chip shops in my area are still up and running but I prefer chicken shops anyways 😂

  10. As energetic as you are, plan ahead for new hobbies, or something to keep you busy

  11. Lol I liked the editing on this video! It was funny. Yeah the strat had too many downsides and not enough profit winning spots to be worth the investment. Unless you really don’t care what happens to your money.

  12. 5 ways to lose? And you found them all😂 Always nice to mirror your test of systems. Today dear sweet Alex lost 1090 so sorry. Has KJ abandoned you? And you Daddy David? When will you realize that walking the BOARDWALK is more like WALKING THE PLANK? Einstein’ s definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. You have crossed over into the insanity zone DD. Stick to keno, even though it has the worst odds of any game offers in a casino with the exception of the BIG WHEEL. Let’s iterate CEG losses today. Alex down 1090, David down 120 which includes 100 Freddy gave him and which he didn’t realize.
    Now how did my mirroring do today? Glad you asked. My roulette stool has three legs and each can be played separately or in some combination. Today I did something I don’t usually do but I played each leg separately.
    Round 1 was what I call ATC. Today it only profited +330
    Round 2 was AITS and it is my favorite go to strategy with only 2 big whacks, 16 small ones, 16 small wins and 4 Golden Wins or if you prefer. Jackpots. Today it won +2800. That is why it is my favorite. Very reliable and the risk is moderately low.
    Round 3 is an adaptation of CEG tested system tweaked by me to improve it’s efficacy. Today a modest gain of +600
    Round 4 is how I usually play the above three in combination. I call it TRIAD and today it won +950
    Each round was played with the same numbers you used. I hope Mari passes this on to you. Take care guys and “see” you next time.

  13. How can you ever be bored when you can speend the rest of your life degenerate gambling

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