My Favorite Roulette Strategy $2000 || DTF Favorite

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My Favorite Roulette Strategy $2000 || DTF Favorite

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  1. I’m here to defend Alex about Ojo’s. It is an experience and an institution. You just have to be there.

  2. Love the new place, hopefully we’ll see you guys next week while we are there.

  3. When Timmy did the triple martingale in 2 dozens, it was a peach system. Now you guys hate it. What happened?

  4. A quick correction and an interesting fact: Alex said “hit one of those 8 numbers” adressing to the numbers that you hit that are non-pushes, i can only count seven of those, also the “Jackpot” pays you the same 6 to 1 that the five number, 00-0-1-2-3 bet pays, without the extra house margin.

  5. I dig this system but I think I would want to make the middle column at 90 and then pick 6 corners at 15 a piece. Much better chance at winning a lot

  6. I haven’t been to the ojos locos in Vegas but i have experienced ojos locos in my lifetime and everytime it is an experience that i treasure for the rest of my life. Everytime

  7. $2,000 is a lot. I’d say divide by 5 to come in with $400 on an ETG and start with $5 bets. You add $2 each donk and it’s the same system at a cost effective level.

  8. Thank you. And thank you for the 30 roll challenge yesterday. Was great to meet you guys in person.

  9. Roulette dealers can aim, and some are pretty good at it. Now I play sections of the wheel so that its impossible for a dealer to try and aim to miss my numbers.

    I place BIG BETS on 0,00,16,17 because these 4 spots are evenly spaced out on the wheels. Then just put 1 chip on a couple numbers to save myself. Been working fantastic

  10. I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question, but I’m trying to join patreon for the extra videos but I see there’s 2 options, Sponsor or student…..which one gets me the extra videos? Thanks

  11. Hey Guys, love your videos thanks to I know how to Roulette b4 watching you I never even considered it…but keno will always have my heart. LOL . Hey BTW is Daddy Dave still looking for a Keno girl? I just might know one ! : )

  12. Hi Guys, I asked the same question from Moulette Master too (see my message below, because I can’t wait to get an answer).

    Hi All (CEG), thank you very much for creating this channel for us. I have been watching all different strategies on this channel for weeks now (I think I watched them all by now). I always read the comments on each one of them and then I got really confused as always good and bad comments following each other and it makes me really confused. My question would be: Did anybody actually find a strategy (system) that really works on a daily basis, (I mean on a long run)?

    1. Fibonacci on 1 of the 3 dozens in my experience has worked best for me. You need time (Rouette is a slow game and a bankroll). Example– 5$ units progression I say to be safe you need $1160 bank roll and $10 units $2320 bank roll. I look to make $150 a day have not missed this month. Good luck.

    2. ​@@63Jleibso you bet on 1 dozen and bet double if lost previously?

    3. ​@@63JleibThank you very much for your advice. Much appreciated. Do you have some sort of link to a video of this strategy by any chance? I would love to watch it for better understanding. Thank you in advance.

  13. I’m with Alex, focus all the disappointment on one unsuspecting person.

  14. Best part of the video was David’s look when Alex said peach… Definitely a grapefruit finally.

  15. Will casinos kick me out if I win 15k in one night on roulette using a system and if not at what point will they decide to do so?

  16. Do you only regress back to 25$ after 14-17-20 hit or do you regress on 13 16 ect ect ??

    1. Btw I think it will be smart to move the jackpot numbers around… Like around the 2nd columns…. After hitting any of the 7 numbers… That’s how I played

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