Make $400 with this Roulette Strategy

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Make $400 with this Roulette Strategy

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  1. “Lets give it a little bend and make it more organic” this is why I watch your videos LOL

  2. I submitted this same system, musta been late to the game. I went from $4 free bet to 400 cash out using this on table min online, scaling up as I hit various milestones.

    Personally, it’s a peach for me because I have hit that bad run of the wrong dozen 6+ spins in a row several times.

    EDIT: Ultra Degen Variation: Wanna triple your win per spin? put a unit on each double street of the dozens your betting!

    1. I’ve bet first and third and have seen middle dozen come out like 10 times in a row, unreal

    2. @Alex Boukhaled Oh yeah I’ve definitely experienced that… That’s just how the wheel spins sometimes.

  3. Not hitting either the 2nd or 3rd dozen four times in a row is: (14/38)^4 = 0.0183 or approximately 1.83%

    1. That’s a good thing don’t be like me and 8x martingale not bc I had bc I needed the win, keep succeeding boss

  4. David needs a print out of the grading scale in front of him at all times… He can never remember it.😂

  5. 01:13 The probability of missing 2 dozens (24 numbers) four times in a row is 1.84% on a Double Zero wheel, or about 1 in every 54 attempts.

    MAKING $400 PER HOUR, THOUGH? Winning $5 at a time? That’s 80 wins per hour. You’d have to average about 127 spins per hour, which is less than 30 seconds per spin… You’d have to be the only person at the table and the dealer better be quick!

    BTW, 07:56 Alex won $135, not $270

    1. @Jamie Gilder 1.52% chance you’ll lose 4 in a row in your effort to win £5 with a £10 starting bet. That’s (13/37)^4.
      You’ll go bust about one in every 65.6 attempts to win £5.

    2. I dont think so. Could you show your work please? I think the math looks like this : ((12 ÷ 38) ^ 4) * 100 = 0.99446750715% … curious how you came to your answer tho

    3. @It’s a Me Mario The probability of LOSING the 24 number bet four times is (14/38)^4. There aren’t 12 losing numbers, there are 14 because of the two zeroes.

  6. This is the only system I use playing rowlett. This system is a peer comp killer just one thing limits on how many Martingale’s You do I try to limit to 5 depending on your chip stack. This is why the online casinos have 500x on bonus’s money. It’s so easy to brake there bank with this system and if you hit a zero no matter what start back at stage one don’t martingale green. Best thing to do is start out with 8 Martingale’s worth of chips and work up. Fan dual hates me and make sure you stop at $1999 made that day to not get taxed on your winnings.

  7. David’s a looker, and quite funny. That being said, I think he has better luck becoming a millionaire using the Martingale system than scoring triplets, he can for sure snag twins, lol.

  8. “look at that” (in stereo)
    Alex forgot to add the traditional saying that goes with this.
    “pinch and poke you owe me some coke”

  9. Any system which has the hits and donks in profit is a winner in my eyes.. just load up on every dozen and martingale the losses 📈

  10. Odds are 1.8% every time you place a bet. Almost 2% chance of busting so if you run this system more than 55 times it is likely you have busted your starting roll. This system might actually be a winner if you started with. If you buy in for $1210 you’ll have a 5th bullet which is extremely valuable taking the risk of ruin down to .07% less than 1 percent. Now you could do this system and almost always realistically expect to make money. That being said the once in a blue moon chance of busting means you will give back all your winnings plus some in the long run. But running this system with 5 bullets a few times would be considered pretty safe.

  11. This is just a less degen version of my system from a while back elevator dozens where you go up but then you also work your way back down instead of starting over. So you make a lot more money.

  12. I do red/black and martingale my losses. Because whats the odds you don’t hit let’s say Red for 7-10 spins in a row? Well….. in Vegas I have seen 7 losses in a row multiple times but the max I’ve seen is 7. However………online gaming I’ve seen 11 and 12 a few times. Would have to be playing a high limit table if your starting with $5

  13. Thanks for the content guys, this stuff is great. I don’t think Daddy needs to triple M if only playing 1 “twelve”. He only needs to straight M. You need the triple M if playing 2 “twelves”.

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