Make $1525 with $20 – Roulette Strategy

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Make $1525 with $20 – Roulette Strategy

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  1. after watching the patreon version first, for those wondering, it’s worth the money for the extra banter

  2. This year using CEG systems on roulette and craps…. 57k so far 💵💵💵💵💵💵 thank you CEG

    1. @CapFlipGaming tbh I only use graphite systems from the digital download I bought from CEG and craps I play super aggressive, after the come out I bet 25$ across, 30$ on the 6/8 and buy the 4/10. I press twice before I collect, I take that number down after collecting twice on it

  3. The best strategy with a 92% winning probability is the following, to win 20 units.
    Choose and 11 numbers on Column bet , and bet 8 units on each number , then bet 100 units in a column bet and 100 units in another column bet .
    Whenever you hit one of the numbers it’s a push, whenever you hit the other columns you get 20 units.

    1. That is a $12 hit, not $20.

      If you only cover 10 numbers with $8 … u get an $8 hit when they land instead of breaking even. And a $20 hit when the columns land.

      This is something I’d only use for a few quick hits. When those losing numbers come, they come in streaks. Even one loss with this strategy would be tough to make back.

  4. “A little touchy touchy, right here.. not quite the Eiffel Tower but…”. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  5. you guys should do a tier ranking video with all the strategies you guys have gone over !

  6. Spinner not rotator dizzy cap
    Thanks for the ab workout on the slots last nights live

  7. I’ve learned in life one should both pivot and rotate whenever necessary.

  8. I think daddy David really likes reach arounds, since he said he needs more than a tickle!

  9. FYI – The current threshold for a handpay is $1199, not $1099 as Alex stated. That’s the max amount you can win on an ETG in a single spin without triggering a handpay where they take your tax info for filing a W2-G for gambling income. If you win $1200 or more, then you’ll get a W2-G.

    Not a fan of this system because winning 4 times in a row on a Dozen or Column bet means that you lose 4x in a row on the other bet. Like Alex said, if you’re going to use multiple progressions at a time, I’d go with one Dozen and one Column. There you’d have the possibility of having both progressions grow at the same time.

    05:54 Alex won $30 here, not $15. He won 1x$15 and 1x$5 (x2 each), but lost 2x$5 bets.
    07:39 Alex only lost $25 here, not $40. He won 1x$5 (x2), but lost 2x$15 and 1x$5.

  10. I think you guys should do a video of Daddy Davids best grapefruit donk strategies. The best donk strats.

  11. This kind of reminds me of Crappy the Crap Man’s strategy. I’d really like to see you give his version a shot. I submitted it to you guys with credit to him.

  12. I would highly recommend giving context. Clearly you are resourceful but don’t assume everyone is on the same page. Hell, just point to an intro video lol. Cheers y’all!

  13. My numbers on roulette started with 14-17-13-15-11 but I’ve added 4-7-2-0-6-32-34.

    I split and corner every part of 14 and do some corner action on the big wide open parts of the board that aren’t bet upon. Every time I don’t hit one of those in my “money diamond” I put another chip on 2-3 parts of the diamond.

    This has worked very well for me for years .

    1. I brought this up because i would have fucking cashed in on this sesssikn if I was with yall

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