“I’ve Won $40,000 on this Roulette System”

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"I've Won $40,000 on this Roulette System"

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  1. Hmm yes do more “research”, Alex. How to make it more a grapefruit system, or close to it. Play it next future videos. Would be interesting to see what you come up with. Thanks!

  2. Can we get more info of the person who got backed off for advantage dice game??

  3. 1:29 “find a table with like a $3,000 limit” Yea, that’s the problem. The casinos have caught-on to martinagle systems and have lowered the limits as a result. I recently saw a $10 table with a $200 limit. So on this system that would be $10, $30, $90, and you’re screwed.

  4. I’m trying it I will re check in in the summer when I set aside the funds

  5. 09:20 Alex won $60 here, not $80.
    Betting progression is 10, 20, 60, 180, 500, 1300, 3000? That doesn’t seem right…Aren’t you just tripling each bet after 20 (540, 1620, 4860)?

  6. Do this progression but on a dozen and a column. Can probably hit a win goal fast af

  7. Change the system up a bit. Wait until the 1-1 bet has lost 2 or 3x in a row, then start the progression to feel like you have a better chance. I have seen 8x losses in a row or more

  8. Nah this isn’t it lmaooooooo.
    even though I won 7 times in a row on 19-36 imagine the other way around. After 3 in a row loss I say take a break and wait for the cycle to break

    *went 8in a row 19-36 then hit 00 on the 9th spin* if I was doing 1-18 I would’ve been fucked. Imagine the other way around

  9. Tell David he can’t complain about buying in for 5K for only $10 action and then complain when, 4-5 spins later he’s got $720 in action.

  10. So what’s the progression? Double your losses to me would be $10, $20, $60, $180, $540, $1620. But I don’t think that’s what they were doing.

  11. I tried it on a roulette app and went up $210 and then lost it all ($5100 buy in). Too rich for my blood. I’m going to stick to my $10 on 19-36, $10 on 13-24, $10 on 25-36, and then martingale it. I always walk when I’m up $200 or down $2000 ($3000 buy in). It’s worked for me so far. I go about 5 times a month and have not lost this year. Good luck. But the way, it’s a push on 13-18.

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