“I made your best strategy even BETTER” || Double Bubble

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"I made your best strategy even BETTER" || Double Bubble

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  1. can you guys explain more as to why this isnt good for etg? like why do you need more risk on etg?

    1. ETG machines are set to not allow a bet unless you have more than 8 possible losing numbers. I.E. 9 or more losing spots in the wheel

  2. I like the mouse pad. I like that the system pays attention to the placement of the numbers on the wheel. If I was betting $100 or more per spin I would play European wheel in the high limit room for another 5% player advantage.

  3. (yes female fan) ALSO u can divide the bet by 5 so 2 – 20 bets and 3 – 15 dollar bets and make 5 and 35 dollar profit for lower betters. good luck PS u were greedy u were up more than 500 and kept playing and most systems when ur up over 400 u quit. so u stopped at a 75 loss when in reality most would have played for a win. so with any system u dont be a wile e coyote on trying something. ONE LAST NOTE. if u took the hand model spins u just had and had played it the original way this system was designed u would have lost alot more.

  4. The peasant friendly version is an $85 buy in using nickels. $20 on the 16/19 and 28/31 double streets and $15 on the other double streets. You win $5 on the smaller bets and $35 on the larger bets.
    I used this system two weeks ago and went about 35 spins before losing once, best feeling ever lol.

    An optional “side bet” you can play with this strategy is taking $5 and putting it on any one number of your liking. So you win $30 on the bigger bets. And break even on the other numbers you cover. But if that lucky number hits, you win an additional $175

    1. the problem with the side bet idea is u again dont want so many numbers a break even and all those numbers making u eithr 5 dollar profit or 25 if ur betting the bigger way adds up over time so to get 1 extra jackpot number for the trade off of all those as break even is a waste. IMO. ps given u said u went 35 spins before a donk .. means even if u hit only 5 profit each time u were up 175 min. and the buy in is 85 so u were still up at least 90 or more at that point. grats.
      glad u liked it

    2. Many thanks for the more budget friendly version. You could also bet the $85 slightly modified: $35 on each of the 2 dozens and $15 on the double street 16 – 21. Therefore one wins $20 on each of the dozens and $5 on the double street. Still the same # of whacks 8 for a 0/00 wheel and 7 for a single 0 wheel. Penny for your thoughts???? (PS: I also like the fact that no martingale is involved.)
      Update: Even more budget friendly: $20 each on 2 of the dozens & $10 on the double street. Total bet $50. Gives a $10 win on all 3 sections of the board you have placed the bet on.

    3. @VamP ProoF yesssss! I saw your comment in the original video and I was like… this is the one lol. It worked awesome the first two nights I played it. showed a couple of my friends and they liked it as well. The third night I played it, two 35s within 2 spins lol. Had to climb out a bit but eventually broke even. At the end of it, i think your system is the best I’ve seen.

      I never ended up playing that side bet because your system worked so well but thought it would be a fun addition for people that want to live on the edge a bit more and still make profit on the higher double streets when all is said and done.

    4. @Desley Casey for the same number of donks but less payout, wouldn’t you prefer the original method that @vampstriss thought up?

      I can see the $50 bet if you wanted to stretch your time out a bit though!

  5. I think IRL, Alex would have pulled out after that 2nd jackpot, or the jackpot after the 1st wack. The system is nice to have a high roller and peasant friendly buy-in. Nice system 👌 👏 👍

    1. ​@VamP ProoFagreed if Alex was a true degen which he clearly is he would have lost one more time before he stopped.

    2. @G S and dave should have been doin the original system at the same time so these guys could have seen why its better

    3. @G S personnally i think they cut it short and didnt give it the same number of ball spins as original. its like if ur not patroen we dont give it same time

  6. Can I pick up the mouse pad on site, or do I need to order on line

  7. MSG TO DAVE AND ALEX: instead of also having dave donk bets he should have done the original method at same time alex did the double bubble. then maybe u would have seen why its better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Like all systems, if the ball plays nice-nice, you could not only win some loot, your comps would be bangin’!
    I too, would give it a Peach.

  9. i made a slight mod for a single 0 wheel and it turned out great for me…….
    $15,- on 0, $75,- on double streets 1/6, 7/12, 13/18 and $100,- on double streets 22/27 and 31/36.
    Worked for me anyway’s 😉

  10. FOR ALL YOU GAMBLERS: NEW OR OTHERWISE. there are RULES to follow and if u dont follow thes simple rules then no system is gonna work. 1. BANKROLL 2. MONEY MGMT 3. Discipline. 4 willpower (ability to leave even if ur ahead 2 dollars) 5. Dont be GREEDY tomorrow is another day take the small wins and enjoy life. GOOD LUCK.

  11. I’ve never played a ETG that wont let me bet because it isn’t enough risk.

  12. I fly to Vegas in six hours. I land at 7pm. Please, answer me this question.

    You often say “not enough donks for ETG”. What does that mean? What are the limitations on ETG roulette?

    I think this would be a good short, but I need an answer now!

    If it helps sway you, I just booked two 30 roll craps challenges for Thursday, so at least I’m paying something for advice!

  13. Wth??? This is my strategy! Except I mark the 34-36 instead of the 28-30 and put a nickel on the 21
    I call it the “Nick Papagiorgio” cuz you’re chasing 21 and all the numbers marked are surrounding 21

  14. The reason ETGs mostly block 5x Double Street is it’s too little risk from a perspective of you winning 1 unit for every 5 units bet, they don’t like that. You can modify it to do 2 dozens plus 1 corner & 1 split & It’ll work. At least it works on the ones I play.

  15. Tried this at my local, and it went 0, 0, 36, and then 3 and I got rinsed 😢

  16. put 25 on the 0/00 instead, get 150 for 100 double streets, break even on the 75 double streets and the 0’s while eliminating 2 donks. alternatively add 50 to the 0/00 and have a $425 jackpot on each one.

    or go play single 0 high limit for that bet size and do 450, with the 0 being 450 jackpot, the rest being 150 and 6 donks

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